This is the first blog that I have ever attempted to do.  What I am hoping to try and do with this is focus on several things.

What I want to do is focus and give you access to my daily life events and happenings and provide support understanding and hopefully a few giggles along the way too

So for example I will give you glimpses of my writing and poetry, my baking recordings that I do; discussions on health ie Bi-Polar and depression and standards and matters of dealing with it and are there better ways to deal with this condition than what is currently happening.

Ideas and links to weddings and doing things on the cheap.

Debt and how to manage it for example.

Everything I intend to discuss here is personal to me and things I enjoy or have had experience with and therefore hoping that my experiences; events and capture might help someone else along the way.

The aim is to do it weekly but it may be more it may be less pending on what happens as time progresses; so until my next blog it have fun and catch up soon