Another day another dollar or so they say but to me it feels more like it has been non stop all go since last Friday and the last 5 days appear to be somewhat of a mere blur in my minds eye; and the worst thing is I know tomorrow is not going to be any better – just as draining just as exhausting and sleep is a dire requirement at the moment before burn out hits.

On the plus side tomorrow is a triple interview state so fingers crossed all is well and we can take things from there and move forwards I guess and see what happens – here is hoping.

On the wedding front so much has been sorted and I just want to relax for a while.  Venue done; dress done; shoes done; maids done; wedding list company done; insurance done.  Not much left in the pot apart from paying for the venue and the food which is the next big hit and the urgent need for a job to tie up the loose ends from here as we have about 75% of funds without it but the job would mean not having to ask for parents for assistance.

On the other side of things – the Big D as I like to call it – BI-Polar or manic depression for others – is sitting there quite quietly in the background not sure what has happened as of late and unsure where to go and what to do – so personally I am more than happy it is sat there being boring and uneventful.

Tonight my partner has gone to see his daugher taking her shoes with him for her to try and check they are all okay to ensure that we can get them died for her.

Outside of this things are dull and boring and plodding along ever so nicely.

What I hope to do so is almost start from scratch with this soon and set up different days for different things about me and focus on them on the respective days ie wedding wednesday,  Health Friday,  Baking saturday,  Job Monday.  Ideas if you like this idea would be appreciated

Right off to chillax and do either some kinect or wii in a bit me thinks and do the washing up too – all fun and games in the life of althea

Until laterz