I know Saturday is supposed to be baking day but since I am not about tomorrow as I am out with the girlies doing some wedding planning, what I will arrange to do is  upload a camera tutorial which I recorded last week on my triple chocolate and rocky road muffins so there at least will be something to look at and review


Sunday will be my day of rest and Monday things will start anew me thinks.


Short and sweet today.  I have had a very busy week  with agent meets and interviews – I is exhasuted and drained and feeling very stressed all of a sudden and emotional with everything.  The good thing is that today I have had a basic look on what our wedding invites will look like and it is cool – cant wait to start doing them more fully  and getting them sent out with everything.  SO I  guess Sunday will be taken up with this  along with drawing up a full  guest list


Currently now sat watching Kung Fu Hustle have not watched it in over two years – which I cannot believe but  enjoying it being curled up with my man a shandy in hand and relaxing in a long over due rest whcih was needed.


Have a good weekend all and enjoy th eup loaded baking session tomorrow