It has been one hell of a week this week with agency meetings; interviews; social blurb and everything else only now catching up with myself coming back to be honest.  However it now means today the one day I get to rest I feel Rough – I would like to say it is a hangover from the wine drinking with friends last night but no I think a full blown cold and possible chest infection is on the way – purely because I feel like I have been battered about on a horrendous sea and the shakes are there ; my chest feels tight and wheezy despite having taken my preventive so it is a day of my body saying YOU WILL TAKE IT EASY AND Rest.  Not somehting I do well or find all that easy to do in all honesty

It looks like next week is going to be potentially just as hectic and busy too- but with some slightly more positive results  here is hoping anyway

So week in a nutshell was out seeing agents on Monday; Tuesday was interview with LSE which I had hoped to hear back from on Friday – however I suspect since I did not that I did not get the role but it would be nice to have that confirmation without the need to go chasing which will what be happening on Monday morning- woo hoo.  Tuesday my partner and I also went looking and talking to people about wedding lists and this was sorted with a good winner at House of Fraser – woo hoo.  Wednesday was sign on day and dealing with very silly people.  Thursday was a meet and greet with agents again along with a double interview with one of them too.  Friday ended up being another meet and greet for interview possibility which is now not likely to happen until two weeks time – but the second agent who was there was so rude – I am not sure if I want to work with them anyway based on their performance and ridiculous questions they asked me.

Yesterday was a meet friends in town for a catch up and an attempt to purchase a dress for my partners brothers wedding – I hate dress shopping as I am two sizes different between my top and my waist which caused chaos in the changing rooms as I get a dress stuck and could not budge and had to get my friend to come help me get it off.  Naturally this caused much hilarity and relief that I was nto going to have to buy it and walk around with my hands in the air.  We also met up with another one of my firends for lunch to talk about wedding options; protocol and hen weekends which are now safely in the hands of my bridesmaids.  Yesterday evening was time out with friends at their place.  Unfortunatly nerves got the better of me and I want into overdrive so just now feeling doubly crap and arrrrGGGGGH annoyed with myself.  Just grateful I have a very understanding partner who gets how my shyness and nerves can effect me so

Right enough of my waffles off to have my porridge and tea and then curl up with a good book and rest me thinks – long overdue and all that this week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and valentines day on Monday until later