Well lots have happened over the last 24- 36 hours.  The question is where to start really- maybe Sunday is a good day

Sunday was the first day last week I had a chance to stop and catch my breath it was all so busy- which I think I mentione in my blog last week.  So all very quiet and unintruded.  We did some work on the guest list for the wedding or rather my other half did we now need to merge that one with mine so we can invites and a proper budget plan for the event and costings of foods etc for the location so we know where we are working to and therefore work out what is going to be the situation with flowers and photographers. Real nice and chilled as you can tell

Yesterday was somewhat more stressful and aggrevated with the Big D raising its ugly head and feeling low anyway just out of pure frustration of not getting feed back from interviews or not hearing back from things that seemed really positive I was feeling AAAAArgghhhh to say the least.  However my fiances’ parents were kind enough to lend us a little money so that we could go get some grocery shopping in which was great so we treated ourselves to what was going to be a Tesco meal deal for 2 for £10 to discover that there was none left so ended up instead with a Ken Hom Meal C for 2 with duck, which was yummy and cheaper than going to the chinese.  I have to admit yesterday was very much taken over with battling the Big D and questioning whether my doctor is right that I should stay on the AD’s permenantly which I dont want to do and do not like the option of.  I feel that with counselling; and a well nourished diet  – which I usually have- then the Big D although still there would remain very controllable.  I have noticed from my past experiences that things that help is having a job I like, not feeling like a leach of society which is my current motion and feeling like I let down friends; family; lovers and debtors.  Although I know my biggest trigger at the moment is the fact that the Council still have not made a decision in relation to our claim for help with Rent and Council Tax and this is due in 2 weeks and we are now unsure as to how we are going to pay the rent next month.  Being on a more practical level I think calling and speaking with the council on Thursday/ Friday if no respsone has been forthcoming about the resolve to our claim. 

However on the positive side things for the wedding are ticking along quite nicely as noted above and I am off to meet my make up artist and hairdresser for the day on Friday.

Yesterday in itself was a day and a half being valentines, as noted above my partner and I got a Chinese in from Tesco; cracked open a bottle of wine from the wine purchases at Xmas and put on Hot Fuzz since I had never seen it and then followed it up with Gross Point Blank before collapsing into bed and sleeping.  So a very pleasant Valentines’ day all in all despite the battles of the Big D

Today well what can I say, we had booked to go and get a free photo shoot done for Valentines day and for our engagement- thought it would be a little difficult.  All was going exceptional well until I was asked to take off the glasses- not a major issue except without them I am blind.  I then moved to the edge of the photo area, stood up and banged my head of a lightening stand and now have a lovely bump; nasty headache on the right hand side of my head – owww.  However; even so it seems that the powers of emping were well controlled today only drained the battery once in an hour shoot; and had the flash only fail to go off three times- all beneficial.  Good day, inventive and fun shots with more posey ones too.  Take a look at their website, for more information on the top of shots they do , http://www.dawsonstrange.co.uk/ .

Tonight hopefully we will be better will be aiming to cook my first ever ricotta and spinach lasagne tonight so fingers crossed it all goes well.  Look out for my TJMS baking blog which will be going up later

Have a good day- off to do some wiiing on the wii fit plus