The Second half od the double entry is the first of my Recorded baking sessions on a Saturday

The receipe set to be uploaded is for triple Muffins and Rocky road


40z Marg

8oz of Sugar

4oz of SR flour

4 oz of Cocoa Powder

Chocolate bits and Marshmallows

5 eggs

Set the oven to 180 to pre-heat and warm through

Cream together the marg and the sugar until nice and smooth

Crack open the eggs and beat into the mixture until light and fluffy

Stir in the Flour and the cocoa powder until nice and airy and drops off the spoon at a count of three if falls before then stir in some more flour for the nice smooth consistency with lots of air

Then stir in the chocolate bits and marshamllows for the rocky road and bake in the oven for between 30-45 minutes until light and fluffy and the knife comes out nice and dry