Well it is Friday of another week and it is our time for Small for the weekend which means more Halo and I’ve got the bomb I’ve got the bomb jibes and kills and woah that is so cool

Long day today for my partner and I.  My partner had a frustrating day where he had a really productive interview told they would be in touch to bring him back in for Psychometric testing next week then get home to be told not taken it further aarrggghhh how annoying.  However on the positive he is also now waiting to hear about another possible interview.  Me I had a telephone call from Office Angels re a role I applied for earlier on today and so am looking to hear if I have an interview for the role but we shall see.

Outside of that I have spent most of the day at a wedding fayre.  The  productive thing being that I met with my make-up artist today and got a nice face over for free which is good and feel really positive about looking a million dollars on my day now.  Also may have found our photography but it is more than was hoping to spend but we shall see what happens I guess on the funds front.  Aside from this I have found somewhere to get our centre pieces from which feels really good and we shall see what happens I guess only time wil tell

Aside from this I have had what can only be described as a frustrating week where I have struggled quite badly with my depression and found it quite hard at times to cope.  Although I think being cooped in the flat all the time is not helping things so being out of the house for 4 hours today has done me the world of the good.  Although I do feel very sorry for my partner who has had to put up with sour puss most of this week.

Aside from this things are good – although we do have the electricity bill to pay in a few days, still no notice in relation to our rent and council tax help which is not good from the local authority so I think a call into them next week is now overdue and needed so we can work out how we are going to fund things going forward.

Next week for me is busy – I have a meeting with an agency for registration and then on Wednesday have a meeting for an interview for an ISM role in Sheerwater, which is only a 12 months contract but may go permenant so we shall what happens I guess.

Anyway that is enough for tonight off to check my over flowing in box of messages and stuff

Catch everyone later