Well according to my blog entry a few days ago, today is supposed to be my baking day, but since I quite successfully forgot to buy flour the other day baking is out so what I thought I would do instead was put on my fish pie with white sauce



Fish- cod, coley, haddock, prawns, scallops, salmon; – your choice- yesterday I used cod, coley and prawns











Place milk into a steamer with some majoram and thyme or fines herbes if you dont have thyme.  Then place your fish in the steamer and steam until just before cooked

Peel your potatoes I used 4 large yesterday and boil until soft for mashing.

In a seperate pan place chopped onions, mushrooms and some chilli and three cloves of crushed and diced garlic  into a pan with melted butter and some soft cheese to soften them together as one in to add flavour to the white sauce.

Once the potatoes are done strain and mash, adding in salt, pepper, herbes etc to bring all flavours together.

Take the fish of the steam and place into an oven proof dish.  Seperate out the fillets of fish and stir in the prawns, then add in the sweetcorn or sultanas to provide some sweetness or both if you want to

Use the milk used for steaming to filter in the flour and whisk until smooth to make your white cream.  Then stir in your mushroom, onions and chili mix.  Add this to your fish mixture and stir in.  Then let the misxture cool so your potato does not sink when you add it to the top.

Put your oven on for 180.  Once colled place your mashed potato ontop of the fish mixture.  Add some grated cheese on top if you want for flavour.

Place in the oven for about 30 minutes until chesse is melted and golden brown, if no cheese then until the potato is nice and crispy and serve hot from the oven, with garlic bread and or side salad