Well  what can I say, last Saturday was going so well until I bent over to pick up a glass from smalls bedside table and my back went POP.

Just under 12 months ago I prolapsed three of my lumber discs and in the lower region and it was only come September last year I was getting to some level of mobilty after a caudal epidural to alleviate the pain and act as an anti-inflammatory.  The immediate changes within 6 weeks were amazing just in my movability to have it pop again so soon has been frustrating annoying.  The result has been a very emotional, draining and trying week for my partner I think.  His support and love this week has been amazing- and I am hoping that tomorrow with his birthday I can repay some of his love and genoristy and kindness and honesty he has shown me.

I am still struggling with the lack of mobility again this week and finding it so hard.  I have had to stop all exercises this week and when I think progress is being made I go backwards again.  For example tonight when cooking, I became clumsy in the kitchen dropped a lid jumped back and jarred it again.  So frustrating and annoying.

Have gone back to the left over drugs I had from last year so Tramadol here I come and I will be taking Dicolofenic tonight to help with the inflammation.  In this instance because it seems to be waivering I am hoping it is more muscle than a disc problem.  Both my partner and I are monitoring the situation to see how it progress. I am also increasing my pialte and yoga work out for the back to try and get health back on track but have stepped right back from the more cardiac work-outs and is annoying that my hockey training has now been pushed back again and I have now had to re-consider if I can go back to training and so am looking back into training to be a hockey trainer and umpire instead so I can still enjoy the game even if I cant play.

I have however continued with the job applications and managed to enjoy getting to a recruitment meeting and an interview this week.  Am waiting to see if I was successful but am fearful if I get the job how my back will cope witht eh driving and the travelling – I guess life and time will see