For those of you who follow my updates on FB, you will knwo that plans for our wedding is going well, and merging this with my partners brother later this year budgets are going decidedly well thank goodness

Updates on Partners brothers’ wedding in that venue for sleep for Friday and Saturday night are now sorted – woo hoo and we dont have to pay for that or deposit it until we arrive on the Friday night – which incidentally is my own parents Wedding anniversary.  I am still in the hunt for a new frock for this event, but nothing that has been cost effective or particularly nice to worth the buy so the hunt continues.

However we have budgeted and purchased wedding presents; woo hoo so one wedding down two to go- ours and my cousins.  Still awaiting confirmation on when the re-scheduled date is

On our wedding front- we have the venue booked and deposit paid for.  Invites are mostly prepared except for the last section which is the front cover and these will be getting done shortly and then ready for postage.  Table design – name places have been set up and sorted and approved so these will be getting put together soon and placed in the wedding boc for transportation to the event.  Table decorations bought and all done up except one, need a little bit more of the sticky mini bling to go onto it and then done.  Although my step-daughter came up with a great idea for the other two of wrapping Teal ribbon around the stem or bowing them to break up the colour intensity of the Ivory on the day.  We also have a fire stack holder of Tee-lights in Ivory too for on top of the fire place.  So they are all just about done woo hoo.

Wedding dress, shoes, veil and Tiara bought and is in shop ready for fitting so appropriate underwear purchased yesterday to organise the required fitting.  Bridesmaids dresses, shoes and hair wear all bought too – their arrival will be in June

Suit for Groom bought along with Cravats with father of the bride, ushers and best man

Wedding insurance bought

Rings bought

Registrar booked – await absolut to give notice.

Favours are still needed and under debate as to whether we can afford them or not.  Flowers for myself and the maids – we may travel back to where we bought the table decorations as they did some nice artificial bouquets for a good price and then merge mine with other options of flowers but again open for discussion at the moment.  Photography is just something we cannot afford and so unless a miracle happens we will not be having one, but instead we will use that of the everyone who turned up for the day and use their images to make albumns to send out as thank yous’ etc.  Thank you gifts again open pending on costs and affordability of being able to do so.  Cars for travel between ceremony and venue not needed as all in one place yippee.  Wedding cake- I am baking muffins and wedding mffins specifically for those who want them to take down with me the day before

Hen and Stag do – god knows what is happening here at the moment it may be not going to happen affair but we shall see all in all.  Maybe a miracle will arrive and both my partner and I will secure a job which will enable us to get all the little things that we are unsure about at the moment.

But ultimately I am pleased to report all is going well, within budget and is not costing us massive amounts, it is hoped that everything will come in just under the £10k mark.  Here is hoping.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and a further update will be coming your way in the next month or so