Wow what a week and a bit, it all started last week, when we had the week from hell.  After our usually two weekly meeting at the Job Centre it has now been decided that since we have been unable to secure work for the last 3 months we now need to have extra help finding work – with no consideration on the number of jobs applied for, the number of successful encounters this has made with agencies or prospectus employers alike.  We have now been advised that for the next 6 weeks we must go down weekly and show our weekly turnaround and potential start to accept a wage at a minimum level, which I quickly disavowed on the basis that I am have been working since I was 13, in one capcity or another either delivering papers, or shop assistant and will not be told now, two degrees on and 11 years in the working arena what salary I am suitable to request from an employee.  After firmly but politely showing the JSA Advisor the error of his ways and then listening to him getting a polite but firm rebuttal and telling off from his superior, I was deemed one to the man on the street 0 to the JSA.  However considered to lower my minimum salary down to 23k but only if it was on my doorstep ie walking distance to walk, otherwise the salary would be meaningless.  What was more impressive about this day was that both he and his computer equipment remained intact.

That evening my partner had resolved to celebrate his birthday and valentines with a meal out at
tiger green brasserie, which is attached to the Hilton, after purchasing a a meal deal for two from London Zoo at £49 for the entire meal excluding wine and gratis.  The meal itself was faultless, filling and satisfying.  Personally I would have found 2 courses more than sufficient, as I struggled with the third and felt overly full afterwards.  However was a little disappointed with several things at the night out, one I wanted the scallops but they were served with a coriander and cumin sauce, however when requested if it was possible to have without the coriander was advised this was not possible as they were already were spiced and prepared and this was not an option.  I think went for the spicy chicken salad with mange tout, and although devine, I could find no mange tout on the plate.  This was then followed by a pork and mushroom sauce with a garlic mash.  This was faultless in every count, the pork was just cooked off medium to well done with a little pinkness inside making it melt in your mouth tender, the mash and the mushrooms heaven.  Dessert was a rich chocolate tart and although dark and rich it lacked the bitterness I was expecting, which was heavenly, creamy and smooth and very light.  I suspect by the enjoyable sounds coming from my other half his was just as a delightful.  All of this was washed down with a bottle of Chablis yummy.  At the end of the service we received a repeat voucher to go again before the end of December, and it may be something which we will very well put good use to.  My only concern with the evening outside of this was not the level of service nor the standards of the sommelier nor the Maitre D’ but the general staff seemed to have forgotten basic serving etiquette of your serve from the right and collect from the left.  Outside of this a very pleasant end to a trying afternoon.

The next day I was supposed to be attending an interview but was struck down with a migraine and so spent most of the next day in bed suffering terribly with the afflication and feeling slightly worse for wear and sorry for myself.  Thankfully my darling other half re-scheduled my appointments for me, which has meant that this week has become somewhat choatic to say the least.

Yesterday was day one of the Interview week, the first one was for a maternity cover contract role which seemed to go really well and I have had exceptional feedback from the company in relation to this but as of yet no decision, which is not expected until towards the end of this week.  I also received at last feedback from another interview with Cookson electronics today, an interview which I had attended a few weeks ago only to be told my only reason for not securing the position was that the individual who did had worked in that specific industry.  A very frustrating but enlightening feeling to discover that I can make a decision hard for people to make against myself and someone else.

Aside from that I have now had one of the postponed interviews today with an airlines trade unionst position for a regulations compliance advisor, which of itself was a demanding role and unfortuantely in this instance I do not feel so positive about this position or securing the role, but time will tell, again feedback expected at the end of the week.  Coming out of the interview I had several missed calls all job related.  Office Angels in Croyden are looking to re-vamp me up and pimp me out to potential employers aagain and so we shall see how positive this goes, Source 4 rang in relation to an immediate start temporary position with a going rate of £17ph, and a throw away JSA role wants to interview me on Thursday.

I arrived back at the flat frustrated after the interview today, realising that somewhere in my head I had decided the the capital of Iceland had got bored and moved to Finland so I dont hold out much hope there, although I did get the capital of Albania right with Tirana.  I arrived home to start prepping for my agency meet tomorrow and interview for office manager in Uxbridge tomorrow.

I also at some point tomorrow need to fit in a call to the JSA to advice and re-schedule my sign on day or arrange to go in early or late tomorrow.  Thursday is now fully booked with a double interview with one in Richmond, and one for SCC where both my partner and I are going head to head on the role, so tomorrow evening will be exceptionally busy with preparation for two interviews in one go going ahead.

One thinks that one Friday I will be collapsing in a heap and hoepfully reaping the rewards of a busy week and awaiting the signing of a job contract hopefully for a permenant position – but I guess only time will tell and I cant change the past or the present – one can only really focus on the here and now and everything else will take care of itself

So I will leave you to absorb this information and relax into your evening as I now switch off to enjoy the food that my partner has delicately prepared for home made burgers and chips yummmy

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will catch up with you later