Well it has been some time since I have had some time to sit and do some blogging, but things have picked up pace somewhat in the last few months.

I have successfully secured a 12 month maternity cover contract position to see me through to the end of March with a local engineering firm and loving the job immensely – I am hoping beyond all hope that the person does not want to come back and I can keep the job fingers crossed.

Wedding plans are going well, all invites are now prepped and done and local deliveries have started with invites already starting to file back into our letter box woo hoo all feels very exciting and more and more surreal.  Talking of which today I collected the finished article, the dress is complete and now mine for the next 8 months currently being held by one of my maids to carefully look after and tender to prevent straying eyes

Yesterday was a friend’s birthday and so went to have a professional shoot done – hence the change of Gravatar and then HP final episode far better than part one and very enjoyable, hoping to be able to go see it again sometime soon

Tasters on favours went down well and all is well with the world apart from working too hard and generally not getting time to stop and think really

hope you are all well and will to try to check in sooner next time