Well I am now back on the scrap heap of crappiness after my contract eventually finished at my previous role and despite trying to secure something before the end I have been unsuccessful.  Unfortunately my mood has not been helped by the fact that when I got home on Thursday there was a letter from the tax office, saying I owed them monies, which now I am not working I can ill afford.

The belt tightening has already begin, by marking out things we wont be re-newing when the time comes to renew costs such as roadside assistance, a dangerous choice but a choice I think we will have to make or we look to scale back the cover.

The positives I get to do some more work on my book which has stalled dramatically over the last 16 months due to work demands and pressures; I get to do some reading, I have my brother in laws 30th next weekend which should be fun and provide and element of frivolity and giggles all around me thinks- that is if I am not feeling completely depressed by it all by then

On the plus side we will also have a small in tow on the Sunday when we come back- although I am not so sure we can still refer to her as a small since she is now 13

Other things I am focusing on and projects I am looking to set-up for myself as a general challenge is a job board, come website come discussion site on the challenges faced and how to over come things to help act as a community for people in the similar situation; also because I am finding that I am frustrated by current job boards  and not getting what I need from them  so since I have never done something like this before it will be a nice challenge for me and something to keep my focused and wondering over to the dysfunctional dark side of life.