It feels like this week has been a bit of a roller coaster with both highs and lows on all fronts to be honest with you.

Job hunting has taken its own turn and destiny to go in whatever destination it chooses, but with more positives coming out this week than expected.  I have also been proactively cleaning up my job searches, fine tuning and analysing what has been going into the searches.  Along with being more focused on what I apply for, as well as constantly tweaking modifying and playing with the CV on the jobs I apply for, which has resulted in a higher application to contact turn around, which is always good.

Along with an interview already secured and in the bag for the LSBF which went well and fingers crossed in hoping that I get called back for seconds next week; I have also had several speculative calls from recruitment agents; along with follow ups to applications which I have applied for.  I am spending about a good 3-4 hours of my day if not more applying for between 5-10 jobs a day.  The higher number days are were I have been exhausted and have opted to be more speculative in my approach than focused but it has still produced some interesting results.

This weekend however promises to be an interesting one with my brother in laws 30th being hosted in Cambridge and we are to attend in the manner of  Gentlemanly explorers’ I have opted therefore for the more classic look of Laura Croft for no reason other than to show off the curves or as my partner insists on calling me Fairy Croft….

Enjoy your weekend people and I will see you back here on Monday at some point