And it would appear that I am still having problems publishing to here

My darling other half has promised to review and although he has not had the time to do so at the moment; I cannot blame him for this as I have spent the time looking for work and applying for jobs most of the time, meaning that even when he is at home I spend little time with him but with my face permanently attached to my computer screen job hunting

To make matters worse, the computer decided and quite categorically fell over a few weeks ago and although the new one is now working I am having teething issues with certain bits of software not operating as it should

Job hunting is proving as arduous and unpleasant as I remember and life being general unforgiving as we know with conversations being held and then nothing being forthcoming and so the cycle continues until an employee is brave enough to take on a tough north east cookie of a girl with a mind of her own and an opinion and does not shy away from a strong woman and so the hunt continues

Have often thought about going self employed but not sure how or what I would do to do so to be honest with you I feel like I know very little apart from how to fix people as it appears to be the story of my life, I fix people and then they abandon me and I find myself alone…. which often l leaves me wondering, although not broken, when will my husband wake up and leave an eternal fear I live with daily and fight to keep under control