After yesterdays some what harrumpphhh day, I think today has decided to get somewhat worse if that is possible

An unexpected late night last night as when my partner get home I could see he was decidedly shaken, thinking the worse had happened and that Great had passed away I panicked relief flooded me when I heard it was not.  However instead he had nearly been run off the road by an idiot near Heathrow airport, causing him to swerve out of the way and being lucky enough due to the lateness of the hour not hurting himself or anyone else for that matter.  I knew it must have been a close encounter as nothing really shakes my husband to the levels of where the first words that leaves his mouth are I need a stiff drink. Once supplied the above details were emitted from him.

We then opted to watch some mindless TV and ended up being rather late as we watched the a percentage of the Channel 4 Live Drug testing, which was interesting and intriguing to watch- looking forward to the catch up of the remainder before watching the results show this evening.

After deciding upon the hour and topic that this was rather intense we opted for bed and some light reading, in my case this was the finishing of Heartless by Gail Carriger now with only 70 pages left I am trying to extend the story further as I do not wish it to end.  However this is all credit to Gail herself who has written an excellent series of books based within the urban fantasy remit of writing, and created totally believable characters by bringing the essence of Victorian  England to live through the use of essentially a good command of the English language.  This is reflected quite noticeable through the correct usage of terms such as sense and sensibility to derive their moor original meanings than that given to their usage today.

As a result of this a late night pursued and therefore a late rise, which was closely followed by a telephone call from our doctors surgery requesting to speak to my husband as following his normal 6 monthly blood tests for his diabetes to be told, he needs to come in immediately for a prescription has they have found a low level B12 in his blood, which normally means additional B12 supplements to be taken.  However with my husband being diabetic the consequences could be far more reaching and devastating consequences, including dementia, nerve damage, pernicious Amenia and possible death in extreme circumstances if left untreated.

Having now returned with his medication supply of Folic acid I have resulted in good banter and humour – the way of the Brits to get through anything by referring to him as my little pregnant hubby and we shall have to be getting some good strong stout in to help with the increase.