Yesterday I finished heartless, and then had my husband produce his kindle showing that he had set up Timeless on it, so we did not have to wait until the library received a copy so we can start reading it straight away; which is great except technology and I are not always the best of friends.

I also have an aversion to Kindles as I am an old-fashioned kind of girl and I like the feel of paper between my hands and the weight of a book resting there, even if it does give me pins and needles at times and so being handed the kindle I was a little daunted by it all.  I am not saying I don’t see the benefits of the kindle I do – as it was I who bought it for my husband to be at the time to make it easier for him to carry about several books at once without having to use a knapsack to transfer them all in.  In addition to this a friend today commented on how much it has been a life saver for her, since having arthritis in both wrists it means she can sit and read again properly without worrying about sudden bouts of arthritic pain.

To be fair last night I did devour the first 5 chapters of Gail Carrigers Timeless and like all the others thoroughly enjoying it, with some already interesting mixes and hints dropped in to suggest that all is not as it first appeared from the first four books at all, already with some interesting twists appearing.  Nonetheless during the course of the reading I managed to skip two chapters by hitting the wrong button, and therefore losing my place, I also managed to skip pages causing chaos and havoc and some stress like frustrations tantrums.  As I said me and technology are not the best of the friends at times and another reason why I think I prefer ‘book’ books to technology.

Nonetheless I am continuing to pursue the reading and am enjoying the fact that I can see how far through the book I am but disgruntled because that will mean I will also know how close to the end I am too.

So here is to technology surviving the day and an un-emped Kindle being handed back to my partner either later this evening or early tomorrow

Have a good weekend