The sun is shining today and so we decided to have a lazy morning before rising and to go book ourselves on a stable management course at my step-daughters riding school at Goulds Green in addition to prevent us from not turning up as both my partner and I can be somewhat anti-social at times especially if we have had a bad day, we opted to pay for the two definite nights up front so there was no escaping the event.  As a result of the warm weather we thought we might head out at some time soon, but by the time we got back and had breakfast, more like Brunch given the hour and most people were already out and about or not available we ended up making arrangements to go visit friends tomorrow down at Shoreham by Sea.  In preparation of this event and on the last visit they were somewhat disappointed that no muffins materialized a plenty I opted to bake some malted double chocolate cup cakes, except the batch decided to bite back.  Upon taking the final batch out of the oven, the melted middle decided to fight back and I now have what can only be described as a nice blister blossoming on my index finger next to my thumb.

However if anyone would wish to re-make the cupcakes then the ingredients are below

4 oz of Butter

4 oz of Sugar

2 oz of ovaltine- or drinking chocolate can be substituted

2 oz of Plain flour

4 oz of Self Raising

4 eggs

2 oz of chocolate, dark, plain, white or a mix of your own choice, crushed

Cream together the butter and sugar until a soft smoothy creamy mixture is left at the bowl, no sugar crystals should be visible.  beat in the 4 eggs, it may look like the mixture is separating but if you beat hard and fast enough it will all come together.  Once you have a well beaten mixture with lots of air bubbles in there, sieve into the mixture the drinking chocolate, plain and self-raising flour.  Once it is all sieved into the liquid, gentle fold the flour into the butter, egg and sugar mixture until it is all mixed into together.  The result should be a gloopy mixture when a dollop is on the spatula and held sideways it takes three seconds to drop from the utensil into the bowl.  If it takes longer than this add in another egg and mix well until all bound together.  If too wet add small amounts of self-raising flour until you get the right consistency.  Once the right consistency is achieved, grease a muffin tray with butter making sure the sides are completely covered.

The oven should be set to 180 degrees to be heating through

Take two tablespoons and place a dollop of the mixture into each of the containers within the tray and place the tray into the oven for 20-25 minutes.  You will know when the cakes are ready as when you press the top there should be a nice bounce to them, if you are unsure insert a knife into the middle and the knife should come out clean.  If this does not happen place back into the oven for a further 5-10 minutes and then repeat the process for the next batch

The above mixture makes between 12-24 cup cakes/muffins

Right I am now going to make leek cannelloni with spinach, ricotta, mushrooms and black pudding with a white wine creamy Camembert sauce with side salad

Enjoy your evening and hopefully I wont burn anymore of myself in the preparation of dinner