If you are currently reading Gail Carrigers Alexi Tarbattoi series or the Parasol Protectorate remit and don’t want to know spoilers DO NOT READ ON – THERE WILL BE SPOILERS

Like many things in my life I am active in what I do, whether that is work, listening, writing or reading.  I invest my time energy and emotions fully to any activity.  For many people this is un-comprehensible for others over bearing and intimidating for people like me a way of life.  It is what my partner calls passion and zest and his reason for loving me.  As a result of this my husband says he can always tell how enthralling a book is by my re-actions to it.  So when this morning I was sat reading Timeless this morning and tears started to flow and no no no was murmured my husband looked somewhat distraught.  To compile that with additional twists that actions Alexia was about to embark on my adversely affect her daughters legal guardianship at home and her added insistence of “No Mama” as to her actions “Dama, Dama” it was well aware that her Daughter may know about her unforeseen actions than Alexia.  However like any good author she draws you in and then leaves you with hope.

The thing I have most enjoyed about this series is like everything I have said before it is well written, the characters are well drawn out, the elements of steam punk did not culturally clash with the environment or are made believable by the credible writing allowing the reading to fore go the reality and plunge into the Parasols world.  Although reading this you know somehow this is the end of the series there is enough there left open to know that the story does not end there.  Part of you craves to know the outcome of the relationship between Akeldama and Ivy; Ivy and Nadasa, Biffy and Lyall, Biffy and Maccon, Biffy and Channing and more surprisingly the outcome of Prudence or Puggle or sweet chops to whichever her flight of fancy fills her with at the given moment in time.  But each you know is a story for another time.  It is also nice to find an author who is happy to leave the story where it is without having to extract every strand and leave it open for the mind to fill in as time goes on.

A read and a half full of real human emotion and sentiment in something that is described as a very supernatural environment but maybe when it comes down to it we are all supernatural in our very own way we just have to find it