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The temperature remains decidedly chilly here although not quite freezing as far as my body is concerned it may well be.  I was not looking forward having to journey into Staines to go to do my annual bi-weekly sign on.  Printing out my spreadsheet of applications which totalled a miserly 2.5 pages this week I ran out of coloured ink.  Another budget to tack onto this months expenses oh what fun.  However I wrapped myself up in 4 layers of clothing before embarking outside.  A slight overkill but since I always joke about having no blood for me  I managed to keep my body temperature at some where, were I was not noticing the cold.  I often wonder how I survived the winter in Switzerland but then I guess that is the adaptive nature of humans.  We do survive.  Or at least the fittest do.

Anyway on my trek into the centre I got a phone call to say that I had been unsuccessful in my interview with Fujitsu.  Am I disappointed?  Yes.  Why  ? Because I let myself down.  I know going into the interview I did not feel prepared and that showed with a couple of questions which resulted in rabbit in headlight moments.  Along with OMG, I can’t think and fumble fumble fumble.  Never a good one to do.  However despite those two questions tripping me up.  The feedback was very good and it was those two illicit questions which stopped my application.

Question is what did I learn?  Be Prepared.  Prepare fully for the interview and make sure you look at all the options.  Breathe when there and do not panic if you can’t think of an immediate answer.  YOU don’t have to answer straight away.

So anyway I had a surprise conversation with the job centre who suggested a couple of good books to read on killer interview questions and handling nerves.  In return I offered my services to help with people who struggle with interviews and marketing themselves.  I know I am not a shining example as I am not working but I am having conversations and getting interviews and that is half of the battle.

In fact I have always held the belief that usual if I get to interview stage I can usual manage to get the job or if I fail it is because of the above or someone else just had a bit more experience than what I can compete with.  It is very rarely that I have interviews where I am not successful or don’t get through to final rounds.

For me it is now time to get back to the drawing board as tomorrow is a full day of preparation for my interview on Monday. So wish me luck and I will catch up with every one later.


Daily Prompt Word Search

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Todays Daily Prompt, requires an instinctual reaction to what you are feeling by the time you finished reading the daily inspiration inscription given.  However that very exact moment when you need to be at your most effective you cannot be.  Hence my chosen word was effective.  The image supplied is below

Daily Prompt

What is effective

The image for me conjures up a variety of ideals that without effective leadership there can be only chaos.  Can effectiveness truly result in a defining leader?  However it also resonates the ideas of with an effective vision there will be action and if you don’t have the effectiveness or the vision than that vision remains inactive and is purely a dream.  The notion of the man representing the dream in this pyramid reminds me of the image of the fool on classic tarot walking with apparent unawareness into danger?  Or is it more a case of blind faith and fool hardiness?

However the lower end of this pyramid is the nightmare, but is that planned as the man at the top had the forethought and vision to wait, plan and then climb to the top whilst everyone else scrabbled around at the bottom

Very much like my current situation I need to be effective to get ahead.  I need to plan, I need to Visualise and I need to have self belief in my dreams and my vision of succeeding.  But none of these will be of any use unless I am effective in my marketing and presentation.

So whilst others continue to flounder and feel lost in this current climate of greyness and desperation I hope to be able to paint a bright blue sky of optimism and efficiency that will show regardless of what is happening that with effective planning, forethought, insight, determination, and confidence anything can and will be achieved.

In that I say follow your dreams, but be effective in your planning of achieving them, otherwise you may find yourself floundering around in the world of anarchy and denial.

Today is another day

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After the business of yesterday, with interviews and catching up of a weekend of no job hunting.  My body has finally hit melt down stage.  Full of cold a woolly head it is time to say stay at home curled up with my mug in a hug, which in this instance is a great big pooh bear mug full of hot honeyed tea.

As a result of feeling like I have 10 people standing on my chest I have made the decision to cancel birthday celebrations until I am less bleurgh and more woo hoo. However still smiling through the day I have already had two telephone conversations about potential jobs.  My interview confirmation and lay out for Mondays role was received yesterday evening and so the planning of what to do here will soon take place.  Another reason for the weekend cancellation I can’t afford to go to Mondays interview ill –  no no no.

Getting him yesterday and finding it hard to concentrate on the screen was the first sign I was starting to be ill.  As my partner commenced today, I can tell your ill, your lips are chapped and your paler than usual. For me this is quite impressive.  What he really means is that I lack colour in my cheeks, which usually have a somewhat rosy complexion to them regardless of being weather-beaten or not.

The celebrations for the weekend are frustrating as I was really looking forward to the ice bar but then health or party.  Health now has to come first, I am no longer a spring chicken, and I cannot bounce back from things like I once used to.  However I have always had a weakened immune system, there appears to be no reason for it, but I remember always having colds as a child.  Eventually I was diagnosed with Asthma which probably did not help.  Since then though I have always made sure I have eaten properly and had lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to boost my natural system.  I try not to take additional vitamins and minerals for no reason other than I have never liked taking artificial enhancements of any description.  I would always prefer to use what mother nature gave us to heal than manufactured goods.  Hence why I am currently on honeyed tea and lemon.  I have found this more effective usually than antibiotics or putting additional vitamins into my body.

So I am sat curled up a duvet wrapped around me, a mug of tea and trying to focus on the job searches in front of me, before attending the job centre tomorrow oh what fun that will be not
Hope people are feeling slightly more human than myself  if not maybe below will help with the humanization


I wish I were


I would like to say in another time or place, or even  anywhere but here right now.  My mood is bordering on, shall we say, not the best.I am cold, and feeling the start of a bad head cold, which leaves me to think whether I need to cancel my birthday night out on Saturday.  I am missing my mum and pondering on better times.

However I still don’t want to be anywhere else right now.  Why?  I believe in that your are where you are supposed to be in any given moment in time, gives me focus.  It reminds me that when times are tough, I am here to learn something.  There is something currently missing from my armoury that I need to be able to move forwards with my life.  Often I wont know what that is until that time has passed. The problem that was making me want to be somewhere else is no longer relevant, but the sun is shining and everything is bright and breezy once more.  So for now I am going to focus on the here and now.  Remember that each day is precious; life is short, but it needs living.

As they say dance like no one is watching.  Sing like a Diva and most importantly smile.  Why because people think you have a secret and it confuses them as Lily Allen once said.  There is something very simple about a smile that does a thousand and one things.  By forcing yourself to smile you are in effect raising your own mood, there is something that such a simple action can alter your own mood.  Imagine how one small action like that can affect your mood, how it can also effect everyone else around you.

So yes life is not great at the moment, but I am smiling like I don’t care.  Enjoying not having to go out into the cold at the moment, and can stay home wrapped up warm… except at the moment where I am absolutely freezing.  Layers all the way at the moment in keeping warm it is.

So for where I wish I were right now?  The answer quite simply is here at my PC writing this prose for you all to enjoy

Big smiles and love all round



The weekend is here

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However I am not sure I can rest and take my eye of things that need to be done

I still need to prepare for my interview on Monday, why have I not done this yet?  Well I had another interview to prepare for this afternoon, had several conversations with agents concerning other roles and done my normal job hunting on top as well.  With the lack of sleep as noted by my earlier post today ‘The one where they don’t sleep all night‘.  I can only say that I am feeling somewhat drained.

Having also committed myself to a girlie night on Saturday I think Sunday will be time for Hubby and I to spend together.  We may even open a bottle of wine tonight, stick on a DVD and chill.  It has been a while since we have not really had time to spend with each other.

We are very much used to having some concentrated time with each other regardless of how busy our week has been.  This week has thrown us both into complete dis-array with the lack of time we have had.  Partially because of how busy I have been on the job fronts, with conversations and interviews, but also because he has been busy on his own individual projects and tasks.

I was hoping at some point today to be able to do some more work on my poetry that I have been working on.  However has of yet this has not materialised, I think I may have to set my task to  complete my editing by the end of November, rather than starting another project for NANOWRIMO.  Not entirely the object of the month but it will force me to do some work each day on it, if nothing else.  Then if I manage to finalize it, then start work on the intended project and deadlines and see how far I can manifest the story through.

The premise for the Jellied man is as follows

A man tries to keep both his marriage and his business together after his partner disappears and his wife has an affair.  Can his business, marriage and himself, come away from this unscathed? or will he lose everything in the process?


The man his wife had an affair with was his business partner

The business partner is not entirely human

The opening paragraph

James sat at his kitchen table reading the morning newspapers.  His glass of freshly squeezed juice sat next to him.  Baby Thomas was sat in his high chair playing with his toast.  J. , James’ wife, supplied a fresh round of toast to the table along with a freshly brewed cafetière and went back to making the tradition Monday morning breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, with a Benedict sauce.

“How did you sleep?” asked James

“Well, all things considered.  I just find the bed a little large for ….” James looked up from the paper and frowned, which stopped her mid-sentence.  Her demeanour and position sagged as she continued to prepare the breakfast.  The mood of the morning now darkened. James ignored the change of posture in his wife’s stature and returned to his newspaper has if nothing had passed between them.  He continued to turn the pages of the newspaper, in a very nonchalantly manner of those early in the morning, scanning for some interesting tit-bit but not really focussing on what was there in front of him.

James suddenly jumped up from the breakfast table in a state of mild panic and unruly excitement for this time of the morning.  “I’ve got to go”, he said curtly to J as he kissed Thomas tenderly on the forehead.

“What’s up?”

“Page 26” was his only response, before gathering together the paper, and those scattered around the table. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and took the slice of un-buttered toast from his breakfast plate, before slamming the front door firmly shut behind him and making his way in the office.


Feedback on what you think would be appreciated


Have a good weekend and images of girls on the toon will appear shortly

S7 ep.12 The one where they are up all night

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Last night my night resembled an episode of one of my favourite series’ of all times.  For those who have not worked this out from the title of my article.  The series would be Friends.

Two night ago our fire alarm saved our lives.  We had lit some fragrant candles, but were not aware how low they were and one managed to catch light.  Thankfully they were contained into a small bowl for holding which contained the flames and the fire was extinguished with no external damage.  All was well.  We thanked our smoke alarm for doing its job and then wondered why I seemed to attract fire wherever I seemed to go.  I mention this as in the last place my partner lived, I was cooking and the pan got too hot and burst into flames.  I turned the ring off smothered a tea-towel in cold water and draped it over the flames quenching them.  No lasting damage.  I think his landlord was always slightly relieved – being a fire fighter and all.  Being called out to your own house being on fire would not be something I would want to be present at. However, no there was no uncertain fire or consequence of such nature last night.  The fire alarm would not shut up.

Both my partner and I were up most of the night trying to get it to shut up.  Initially thinking it was the battery we went to remove it, only to discover that it was mains operated not battery operated.  He then removed it from the mains connection and it still beeped, beep beep.  Is what we heard.  We then got up again and found a battery source and removed that.  It still went beep, beep , beep.  By 0530 this morning we are both tired, drained and not looking forward to the day ahead.

This then reminded me of the above episode from Friends, when Phoebe is eventually allowed to move back into her flat after it burning down but her fire alarm, wont turn off and is constantly beeping.  She hits the stop button, removes the battery, disconnects all sections of the alarm so they are no longer connected to each other but still it beeps.  In frustration she wraps it in a blanket and throws it down the ‘garbage shoot’.  Only to be woken by fire man asking if the blanket is her and warning of her breaking the law by removing her smoke alarm.  She then says fine sulkily before asking how to stop the bleeping.  Hit the re-set button comes the answer.  Thanks.  She hunts out the re-set button hits it.  All is quiet for a few moments before it starts beeping again.

The irony is, I asked my other half this morning did he find the re-set button and hit it.  What re-set button?  I think there may be a re-set button somewhere.  One trick still to try.  Although at the moment, all seems peacefully quiet and the absence of the beeping is suddenly now disconcerting.  I guess it is that whole story you  do not really know how noisy a place is until a noise that has always been there stops.

When he comes home from work this evening we will try to fix it, until then it can sit disconnected and I just wont light any candles, cook any food or use any matches

Have a good day

The Love kick starts again

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Not a term I would normally use to describe how I feel about job hunting and the like.  However at my third attempt to write today’s blog I am hoping this will prove my inspirational than my other attempts.  It turns out that sleeping in and turning your mobile to silent is not a good thing when you go to bed or sleep these days.  For the first time in I don’t know how long I slept past 0800 GMT on my natural sleep pattern.  Although a blessing I woke with my eyes feeling heavy and dreary and panicked when I saw my clock say 1030.  Normally I would have been up drank at least two cups of tea and been 1/4 of the way through my job searches but not today.  Looking at my mobile I noticed several missed calls, voice mails, infinite emails and texts to deal with too.  Today was not boding well on calmness fronts.

So I started with the obvious missed calls and voice mails which turned into lengthy conversations about a potential job role so woo hoo a nice start to the day.  So it continues since then the phone has done nothing but ring off the hook with headhunters calls, calls from agencies where I have applied for jobs for and then some interesting twists on existing roles.

To add to my feeling of panic I suddenly realized that I still have to prep for a telephone interview that I have tomorrow, and for a big interview on Monday too and I just felt to be honest a little over whelmed and fatigued by everything that was going on.

So why the title to this blog, well all day now all I have had the tune to this song The love kick starts again, from Example running through my head with me on an empty dance floor and a single spot light focused on me doing some random dance to this song.  Welcome to my world.  The world inside my head can often be a place of restful composure and relaxation but today I seem to be literally dancing myself stupid.

However for me now it is time to re-start my love kick of job hunting once more, so enjoy the rest of your day and I will catch you later

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