Well the weekend is over and it is back to the grind of job hunting

The weather outside today is drizzly and wet so naturally I feeling slightly more morose about the job hunting than normal, although that could be heightened by the fact that I know I have to go to the DHSS this work and that is always a depressing story and situation.  I always dread going in there more in case I get an idiot who questions my methods like last time and they force me to apply for jobs which result in a cut by over half of my previous salary because in their eyes I need to take the job regardless of the effects.

On the other side I will keep trundling away and hoping something exciting happens soon.  Having finished most of my searches now for the day and  having been at it now for nearly 4 hours my eyes are starting to feel a bit squinty and arrrggghhh for having looked a screen for too long, I think it may be time to pick up a new book or review some of my poetry which my partner is editing for me but I have yet to review and approve for self publication.

With the additional pressure of knowing that Christmas is something like 11 weeks away, getting a job sooner rather than later would be beneficial.

Nonetheless it is not like I don’t have things to keep me occupied the big joy of housework for one, there is a nice pile of clothes sat in our bedroom at the moment waiting to be put away and ironed if necessary, washing up to put away and a fresh pile to be loaded, along with clothes for the machine to be washed.  However having missed the cheap rate this wont happen until later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I may if I get some mojo working, try to get some novel-writing done today too but that will depend on if spirits and moods lift at all.

Anyway enough of my waffles nothing will get done if I continue to dribble out my disappointments here, neither will I find a job so back to the mundane and ordinary and catch up with everyone later