Well whilst people are enjoying the weekend soon to be here, I for some reason are feeling decidedly frumpy and flat.  Whether this is because I still have the remnants of the headache from two days ago, which for me is not too uncommon when it has been a migraine.  Or it is  the result of restless night of little sleep again.  The lack of sleep has come from the fact that I am unable to find a job and the hunting seems to be coming to nothing.  I have however made the decision to go to a job fair next Wednesday on my sister’s birthday to see if that yields anything of any interest.  However it is as much an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours, as I feel like I have been trapped up inside these four walls for the last 12 weeks.  Although this is not the case the active memento of not going out and seeing other things is starting to stir me a little crazy.  I have the distinct feeling that my motivation is starting to get up and go and this is bad oh so bad and so today is Frumpy Friday.

Job hunting theoretically has now been completed for the day which is nice, but I am going to sit and do some reading on the Kindle in a while.  Yes it is that elusive Kindle from my blog ‘Technology and Me’.  However my darling partner has downloaded a kindle app. onto my PC so I can now just sit and read it from the PC, which I am finding a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.  Talking of technology I need to do some research onto mobile phones as after a surprise call from my network supplier this morning, it would appear that they may be prepared to allow me to exchange out my old HTC phone which I hate to something else.  So I am currently reviewing the options between the Samsung SII or Samsung SIII, along with comparisons on the Nokia Lumia 800 or do I wait for the Nokia 900 coming out later this month.  I have asked the gentleman I spoke to, to call me back this afternoon so I can make notes, do some maths and then make a decision on Monday morning.  Unfortunately my pull is to the Nokia, I love Nokia phones mainly for the robust status and the fact that they keep going.  However a big downside I have found as of late is battery life and this I must have on my phones.  I hate the need to be constantly charging handsets because the batteries do not have the power to sustain the applications.  Here is a hint phone suppliers, great upgrade the phones but make sure the battery can sustain the application power.  So many decision to make. In reading the reviews there is so much I like about all 4 phones I think this will be a gut reaction.  After all they are offering my 3 months free to upgrade now and a potential cost cut on my line rental, with the phone for free – who can argue with that.  I guess I just need to check the terms of the new contract arrangement.

However maybe this Friday Frump can be removed by the arrival of new tech next week now being on the horizon.  Not that I am a techie, a gamer girl or a geek at all.  Talking of which I think it is time to go see where I ended up on  last nights challenges and how much my ghosts achieved in SSX on the PS3 before my partner drags me onto Minecraft for the X-Box and if not him then probably my Step-Daughter later on this evening.  Oh it is a hard life

Maybe Frump Friday is not so bad after all

Have a good weekend everyone