I was going to write about my weekend today and how the car broke down, and no one stopped to help, and I emp-ped the library systems when trying to get a book out but then this morning I discovered an email from someone who is supposed to be friend telling me that our friendship was over – the details of which are not important here.

Based on this I thought I would review the notion of friendship and what consists of friends and whether just because you have not seen someone does this stop the friendship. Personally I think friendship extends the boundaries of time and distance.  Over the past few months I have doubted the validity of most of my friendships from people I know due to their lack of contact and not really knowing what has been going on in my life.  It made me realize friends are a rare thing and I have few to none that I could truly call friends.  Those I do have I hope they appreciate that I care for them dearly and I can’t always be there, but that they are always in my heart.

I guess the most important thing is, is that I have my best friend with me at all times in my husband, who over the past few months as been a tower of strength when I have not been able to operate myself.  Whether that was through dark days when I just could not see a way ahead, or through love and support as a result of challenges because of work.  He was there waiting for me, his hand in mine, a smile, a hug a finger to wipe away the tears.

I look at him and I know I don’t deserve him, that someone like me does not deserve the wonder that is him and I am grateful for every day that he is here and with me. Like any partnership there is nothing without trust, everything stems from those simple facts.  If the trust has gone so has everything else, regardless of the situation.  For me I will put a smile on my face and march onwards and wish all those people who are both in and out of my life now a very happy one with little pain and sorrow x