Tuesday is one more upon us and the joyous task of job hunting is still continuing and with the current news that the UKs growth and deficit reduction is behind schedule, the market is still tending to be rather tepid and nervous in its approach.  I on the other hand, although I am finding the market far tougher than it was 2 even 4 years ago am being successful in contacts with agents and securing interviews.  Even if turning those interviews into offers is proving less productive.  I am not sure what you can do when the reason for rejection is personality and they could not decide so they pulled a name out of a hat – yes that has actually happened to me and been fed back .

The last few weeks I have found De-moralizing and frustrating as companies don’t really know what they want, as they advertise for one thing, CVS are accepted and then they do a massive U-turn and change their requirements, job specification and role to something else, leaving you the recruitee out  in the cold.  I know this is a sign of the times and the employer can do as he wishes as he has an excessive market from which to choose from but come on people play fair.  This is Peoples’ lives they are playing with.  Hence my notion to continue to be as prepared as I can for when the right moment comes along.  I am currently reading articles on weird interview questions, the rule of three and making speculative applications.  The latter being of the most interest to myself at the moment, having never really sported this type of application previously, and not really sure how to go about it.  Having now also had this submitted into my job seekers agreement profile, I figured I should do some work on it, and see how it really works.

In addition to reading a book on how to get a job within thirty days, looking at re-vamping my CV into three specific job roles rather than the one generalist I have at the moment, which although it is working I feel it could work harder and better for me.  A job that has been added to the ever-expanding list of to do things, once my job hunting is done for the day.  Yes I should probably do all this before applying for jobs but I still need to find a job.  The above are ways I am trying to make that hunt easier and more effective in its process.

So in the meantime, the battles with website, job searches and applications continues and my constant head banging for roles also does the role.  However I walk into those interviews, tall, proud and with the confidence that I can do the role and a smile upon my face with an assuredness that this time the job is mine.