I have woken up this morning to discover I am getting old.  I am starting to see the past in those rose-tinted spectacles of our parents and grand-parents did when growing up.  Now I have joined the ranks of the past was always better, we did not have these problems in my days, and if that had happened when I was younger there would be trouble.

The reality hitting home when having a conversation with my mother-in-law last week when my car broke down.  I was taking my wonderful step-daughter Lottie Sandstorm to her riding lesson when the alternator and battery went on the car.  We pulled over and called the RAC -roadside assistance- out to us and I spotted some blueberries on the shrubs behind us.  Reminding me of times at home when we had picked them freely from the bushes and ate them, or went potato picking at the local farm – which is now October Half-term.  Children today see it has a right to have this week off, with its history of why it is there no longer prevalent.  Its’ history and reason of being is lost to today’s world of IT and Techie children.  I thought let’s pick them, wash them and use them for a pie or crumble something productive to do whilst waiting for collection and would give us a nice dessert that evening.  My step-daughter was not to impressed with the idea, which also happened to be the time that the instructor came past in her car, and saw her pulling a face at the idea.  A note commented upon last night at our stable management course. My mother in-laws’ response was but all that lead on the produce.  My argument wash them stew them, it will be fine- a born survivor.

After all the chances are I slept in a cot covered with lead paint, I lived in a house without fire guards around open fires, riding bikes without helmets. It was truly an age of Darwin’s’ theory of the fittest survive.  To see this lack of disregard for health and safety today you really need to travel to Switzerland.  The world has gone health and safety mad.  I am not saying things don’t need to be put in place to make things safer. After all we had Charlie who taught us about strangers, and Darth Vader taught us how to cross the road, showing that the force was not an option.  We were taught the basest survival instincts. The rest was left up to us.  If you wanted to lift a box and you did not bend and use your knees then the consequences were your own dumb fault not the companies.

This rant has been caused by the refuge disposal system and now how everything has to be on their terms.  They can  no longer come in to collect the bin, it has been on wheels and god help you if you don’t put it where it is supposed to be on the x-marks the spot section outside your property.  I remember when bins had no wheels where big black bins, and the refuge collectors whistled whilst they worked. They had pride in what they did, there was no gloves needed. They came in put one or two over a shoulder carried it to the councils collector service and brought it back to where it was collected from.  You are lucky these days if you can get a smile out of them.

But as I am sure I will be told life moves on and evolves just like Darwin predicted.  I am now starting to believe it is possible to move life and evolution backwards as well as forwards, of this I am quite convinced.

One only needs to look in a supermarket these days to see so much food for people who can’t tolerate anything.  How has this happened, it’s because parents have sanitized their places so clean that their children have no immune system.  People you are not likely to die from a cold, unless you are asthmatic, have a lung infection or a severe immunization deficiency.

I am a strong believer in living life to the full regardless of its dangers.  You can cross the road tomorrow and die or have your quality of life severely altered.  I learnt this lesson young, by having a mother who was placed into a wheelchair when I was 18 months old.  Also at the age of 16 I saw people my sister went to school with have their life changed by a reckless car accident.  When this happened she was only 11.  People think it is amusing when I tell them I am asthmatic and I scuba dive, or that I am stupid.  However if you are careful and dive safely, you are in no more danger than you are on the surface.  According to the attached hyper link there was only 90 diving deaths last year, as opposed to 41000 on the roads in the US alone.  Statistically living above the surface is far more dangerous.

It is one of my greatest passions aside from my writing.  In addition to this I played hockey until I pro-lapsed three discs, but does this stop me wanting to play – hell no.  I am more determined than ever to get fit and start playing again.  Why because it could all be gone from me tomorrow.

My advice on this rant stop worrying about tomorrow, start thinking about today.  Life in the now and stick to fingers up to health and safety unless it really could safe your life.  Many so I am looking for punishment, and I push myself too hard. I believe I live, work and play hard.  Ask my friends, I am passionate and I love life.  What more could anyone ask for.