It’s that day before the weekend arrives, for many of us there are a few working hours left and then the fun really starts.  For me it is a chance to stop thinking about finding a job and time to spend with the family and friends.  This weekend consists purely of me and hubby and no concrete plans in place. I suspect a chillin’ one will be the tone of the weekend.  There will be lots of reading, writing, playing computer games and potentially some trips out and about somewhere if we can decide on where to go and what to do.

However, before then, I still have some loose ends to tie up from last week; including following up on some job applications and the speculative calls I made on people at RHP UK earlier on this week.  Once this has been done I suspect the course of action will be to remove myself from a PC for a few hours and continue to read The Map, by TS Lerner.  I am sure at some point I will find myself on SSX or my t’other half on mine craft.  I will endeavor to try and do some preparation this weekend for NANOWRIMO which is now looming on the horizon.

In addition to this I must do some research on eateries as per the instruction from my darling friend NeekiO, as to where we should go for my looming birthday in about 3 weeks – shivers at the thought.  Me and birthdays not pleasant thoughts.  Mainly due to being let down by people repeatedly in relation to them in the past.  I need to clarify what days do she wants me to look at the eateries for. As I have a couple of options for either a Friday Night or Saturday afternoon as to what can be done and this will dictate eating locations.  This year my birthday weekend is with my wonderful step-daughter Lottie Sandstorm so the day is guaranteed to be filled with dry humor lots of fun and giggles and winding up her father, my husband, in vast quantities with the same returned double to both of us.

Husband on the other hand is planning other things and I can smell plotting afoot which always makes me nervous.  I still have to acquire presents for him for Christmas but I have plans aplenty for that too, and I short walk to the fridge – aka Tesco- should resolve part of that problem a little later on.

However none of this is helping with the imminent problem of tying up my current loose ends.  So I guess I should stop my waffles and go tidy up so the weekend can really get started

Hope you all have a good weekend and let me know how it goes?  or What your plans are?