Well the weekend was much as expected, slow and relaxed.  I suspect next weekend will be less so.  With Lottie Sandstorm arriving late on Friday after a day trip to Belgium and Flanders.  Then going to visit her cousin on the Saturday in Fancy dress for a premature Halloween bash and fun and catch-up.  Sunday will become a day of collapsed bodies and exhaustion.

However between now and then I have the DHSS to address on my usual Wednesday appointment, I have an unexpected tax bill to pay and more jobs to track down and apply for.  As of yet I have yet to manage to do some work for NANOWRIMO which is drawing on close to the start with still little work started.  I have still to start on Christmas presents and am having to leave a majority of the bulk buying to my partner.  Writing and thinking of all this is already getting me in a bit of a tizz about the whole thing.

Hubby is currently cooking dinner of Chicken and Pasta for our tea.  Always good when I don’t have to cook.  There is also that chance he will actually eat something.  Not that my cooking is particularly bad we just have very different styles of cooking.  To the point this weekend we talked about putting together our cook book of recipes and achievements of cooking on a budget.

This weekend resulted in an unexpected visit to the cinema to see Looper.  An intriguing and interesting version on the sci-fi notion of time travel.  It consisted of little of the usually Hollywood contrite way of doing moves and left the watcher having to think.  Parts which made me flinch and close my eyes at times.  Yet enthralling, entertaining and very brain active.  This is not a movie you can go to and switch your brain off.  There is too much happening, that co-insides with each other and will definitely need another watch when it comes out on DVD.  In addition to this I managed to get my first glimpse of Skyfall the new Bond movie which is released on the 26th.  OMG I cannot wait to see that either.

Life I feel is suddenly about to get very interesting.  I have the nervous anticipation of not, that tells of fast joyous moments are soon to be upon us and life changing events are coming.  When 3- 6 months tends to be the normal time scales when things like this happen.  Last time I lost my job.  Moved to Switzerland.  Got engaged tot he man I married earlier this year.  All in the space of 7 months for the sake of accuracy. Although we got together within 6 months and engaged by the 7th.  I love this feeling as I know things are going to work out all right.  Faith is all that is needed to make sure that it happens

Dinner is soon to be served.  So I am going to end this blog now and wish you all to enjoy the rest of your Sunday and say have faith, live life and enjoy it, whatever it throws your way, as you never know where it will lead