Well there is now about 3 weeks until my birthday and I am now being asked what do I want to do.  This is very quickly and shortly followed by “Nothing”.  It is not that I am not anti-social and I don’t want to spend my birthday with friends and family; but history has taught me one thing.  A birthday that arrives as Winter is beginning to bite.  A birthday so close to Bonfire night – is not a good combination.  Most like me would rather stay wrapped up and warm in doors and if possible watch any displays from the comfort of their living rooms. Luckily, as were we are, we usually have the choice of several displays over my birthday weekend.  However it would appear that I am not getting that choice this year and if decisions must be made then I will do something of a long-awaited wish list.

It also has that distinct disadvantage of being the month before Christmas and people’s funds are for better reasons best allocated elsewhere.

Dinner with a close friend first  – location to be decided but I figured it has to be somewhere near the ice bar and just discovering they do what appears to be a good restaurant option I think I will suggest a full evening there for me and friends to sit chill and enjoy afterwards.

With no real pleasant thoughts of my birthday I am reminded of the effort my friend put into last year.  Of which I am so grateful as fun was a plenty and a good night was had by both of us at Benihana’s in Chelsea.

Apart from the fact that I got all giggly because my idol ate there – Brian May.  I had never had Japanese food before and I really enjoyed the experience- especially the attempt to catch food in my mouth- which some would say is surely impossible.   Noticeable below, the catch was not entirely successful.

This year the choice of food and location has been left to me.  The problem being I love my food.  My favorites being Italian, Chinese and Thai.  So someone saying where do you want to eat for your birthday is like leaving a child in a sweet shop with an open purse.  However I also love to experience new foods and styles.  Along the way I have discovered me and Sushi are not a good mix, Swiss food is heavy with oils and fats but are good for the cold winter nights.  Specifically if you have a good fondue –  my personal favorite being a moitie-moitie – this is a split between Gruyere cheese and Vaucheron cheese (literally meaning 50/50) –  with both boiled potatoes and bread for dipping.  To be fair having had this I never opted for any other option when I lived out there.  But be warned it can be very rich if you eat too much.

Italian, a good fish dish with pasta has to be the most refined thing I ate when out in Sardinia.  In Turkey you have your pulses and grains.  My mouth is just watering thinking of it all.  Yet a decision has to be made so I have opted for a European option included and next to the Ice bar noted above.

Feedback is currently waiting upon my friends feedback and a decision or further research will be taken from there.

It does not help living in a city with so much cultural diversity and options that the choosing of food becomes a chore of which end of the city you want to be in and eat at.

With the elusive Edgeware road, sporting Iraqi, Middle Eastern and mainly Turkish dishes, Soho and China Town for the Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese options.  Then surrounding that is the French, European, Greek, and Indian options and a whole load of hidden away gems if you want to go looking for them

So my wish for today is to try something new and let you taste buds do the talking.