After all the relentless stuff going on this week. I have decided to take 30 minutes away from jobs and computers to do something else I enjoy.  Bake.  This weekend we are off to visit my in-laws who live down the road from us and so I thought I would make some muffins to take with us.  I am currently trying to decide though whether to put a dark chocolate Genache icing on the top what do you think

To make my muffins you will need

4oz of butter

40z of sugar

2 oz of plain flour

2 oz of minted hot chocolate

4oz of self-raising flour

3-4 eggs

vanilla essence

6 blocks of dark chocolate


1.  Grease the tray that you are going to bake the muffins in and pre-heat the over on 160 degrees Celsius

2.  Cream together the butter and the sugar so you have a nice smooth mixture – there should be no evidence of sugar crystals in the bowl or in the mixture.  There should just be a very pliable soft buttery texture

3.  Add in a couple of drops of vanilla essence into the mixture

4.  Crack into the mixture the eggs and beat together ferociously to prevent the mixture splitting.  It will also help to get in lots of air and make the mixture nice and light and fluffy.  The mixture should now be a liquid state with air bubbles in there

5. Sieve in the flour and chocolate mixture

6. Stir this into the above mixture ensuring you fold the mixture in well.  There should be no flour residue visible in the bowl and the mixture should have a chocolate colour to it.  You know the mixture is the right consistency when you take a dollop and turn it sideways and it takes 3-4 seconds to drop of the spoon/spatula.  Any shorter it is too runny and more sieved self-raising flour needs to be added.  I would add in sieved 2 oz portions not to over add.  If over then the mixture is too heavy and some liquid needs to be added.  I would recommend Milk but only a glug at a time –  you don’t want to make it to liquid.

7.  Once the consistency is right, take a teaspoon and place a teaspoon into each of the holders.

8. Take your whole chocolate bars and break into small portions and place into the centre of your mixture in the holders.

9. Take another a teaspoon and place this on top of the already existing mixture and chocolate concoction.  Smooth the mixture over so you have a nice smooth consistency

10.  Place these into the pre-heated oven for about 20-25 minutes

11.  You can tell they are done by tapping the top of each muffin, they should have a light spongy consistency to the touch.  If not then cook for another  5-10 Minutes.

12.  Then eat or serve with chocolate sauce or custard

Be warned there is a hot centre from the melted chocolate – BE careful when eating