This week seems to be turning in ever diminishing circles.  At times I have felt like a piece of rag within a tornado and others a floating feather upon a light spring breeze.  The polarity of the emotions has not helped me moods at all.  At times I felt drained, bedraggled and down right fed-up with life.  My exhaustion just showing itself in grumpiness and a constant state of bleurghh.  The whole thing has been topped up with not being able to get anything productive down anywhere or at least that is how it has felt.  I am wishing for the day that I am back in work and life feels more ‘normal’ again.  A word I hate to use as I for one know that I am not normal.

As each day goes by I am feeling more and more washed out by it all.  My husband is doing his best to ease the pressures but when all both of us really need is a holiday and there is no viable way to afford one the fatigue will continue to build.  Along with fighting the daily demons.  I know that work is now a numbers game and it should not be so long until I get a permanent position it just feels like a long time coming.  However I guess when you are unemployed, whilst you are awaiting for that elusive job this is always the case.  Talking to people yesterday in the job centre I had things re-affirmed about how lucky I was to be getting contacts from agents, and even more so interviews.  There are so many people out there who do not or appear not to know how to cope with an interview or as of yet have not had an interview in over 6 months.  For me it is coming up 3 months I have been down to final for several interviews and had several more on top.

Here is hoping that in the next 4-8 weeks I will find something permanent if anything it will make for a nice Christmas Present.

Talking of which I am currently trying to get my partner to focus on such ideas but like most men excuse my sweeping statement the focus is just not there.  Although there is a definite feel of he is plotting something, which is making me uneasy

I am going to leave things here for now and I will try to blog again a little later on today but if nothing else have a calm, chilled relaxed today and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather.