Rain rattled the windows as the glass shook in their frames.  My head sunk lower into my over sized chest and unlike Shakira they could be mistaken for mountains.  I reached out for the prescribed sunglasses on the top of the bed side tables and swapped them out for my regular glasses.  I closed the curtains and sank deeper undo the duvet.

This was how my day started.  The intrepid beginnings of a headache from hell – yet again- thank you air pressure.  I reached out for some Solpadeine as I retched over the toilet bowl and my day did not get better,

My mood was lightened close to 1935 GMT as the head started to clear and I managed to review my stats for yesterdays blog and was surprised to see that I surpassed the 25 mark for the first time in a while.  My next aim is 30. Although to be fair I did hit a misnomer 40 sometime back in 2009 when I blogged about my forthcoming wedding.  But then I think weddings produce a fever that can very rarely be replicated. However one of the moments that made my day yesterday so memorable was a lovely comment I received from another blogger my dear bakes, who obviously bakes cakes for a living- deemed my little muffins worthy of a comment – thank you I feel flattered.

My partner on the other hand had great joy in telling me he achieved he had reached 70.  Not that everything is a competition with us but we do like to keep each other on our toes.  It is our way of keeping things fresh and exciting. It is very off but I still have not quite adjusted to calling him my husband as somehow in my mind this seems our of kilter and unbalanced.  Don’t ask me why it just does.  Maybe it is because I see us a partnership and of equal balance which is why I refer to him as so.

Tomorrow we are off to my sister in laws house armed with the minted chocolate fondue muffins that I put up the recipe for yesterday, and potentially depending on when both myself and Lottie Sandstorm arise I may drizzle a small portion of melted dark chocolate across the top.

Miss Sandstorm at this very moment is making her way back to the UK after a day out at Flanders. I am looking forward to hearing about the exploits and what has taken place, before dressing up tomorrow for a Pre-Halloween party.

We are also eagerly awaiting to hear if she has been successful picked to participate in one of 3 weekend events at Imperial College London on an Engineering weekend.  To be selected for this stage is already a great achievement as only 10 girls for her school have been nominated.  I feel extremely proud to know her.  She is a very astute and intelligent young woman, with great poise and wit, and intelligence beyond her years.

In addition to this I have promised to send a batch of the minted muffins to a friend back in Hull so I suspect baking fever will take hold of the household on Sunday as I get Lottie to assist if she is willing and pending on the dreaded Homework- which seems to be taking on greater fever as she heads into her GCSE years.

Timothy is currently in the kitchen prepping dinner which is his usually extremely yummy Lasagne- yum yum yum.  I am sure he will post an image of this up later along with the recipe.

Anyway to go back to the topic in hand I was amused to see that someone was directed to my blog today who was looking for articles on Anemia and I spent nearly an hour trying to work out how Anemia had fitted into any of my blogs, when my darling other half piped-up B12 deficiency.  Ah yes was my response and then oh right.  How random I had totally forgotten about that.  Especially since he is now on Folic acid daily to help with this issue and having had a change of medication from his Byetta to Bydureon. (For more information on these drugs and how they work, please visit Tim Maidments’ site). A similar make-up to the Byetta but only now has to inject once a week rather than twice a day, which for a man with a fear of needles is nice.  Even if he does repeatedly tell me how much bigger the needle is- and no that is not a euphemism for anything else at all.

However on that note and to stop my waffle going into anything more non-cohesive than it already is I wish you a good evening. A merry weekend and images of costumes and get together will follow shortly