As those who regularly read my blog know, I was off to visit some in-laws this weekend.  In order to spice things up a bit we decided to go fancy dress with it being Halloween in a couple of weeks.

Just to put some perspective onto this festival of going out dressed as ghouls and creatures of the night for one day a year.  Its history and its heritage remains confused.  Many arguments state the term Halloween comes from the term All Hallows, referring to Christian Ideology of the All Saints festival.  More deep-rooted and ancient beliefs and rites have it more associated with the Celtic festival of Samhain.  Samhain was a festival for the dead and the end of the life cycle.  That elemental notion of death before re-birth so prevalent in many cultures, ideologies and societies.  However, regardless of its inception and ideological roots, which if one wanted to , could take these ideas back to Egyptology and beyond, but this is far beyond the notion of this blog and opens up a conversation into lengthy ideological debate and roots.  A concept although   eager to explore and debate, I am not prone to go into in this post and I will leave you, my readers to make up your own mind about is route and heritage.

As noted above we opted to go in fancy dress, both Lottie Sandstorm and myself choosing to go as Weeping Angels.  For those of you unsure as to what a Weeping Angel is, they are a creature from Doctor Who.  They steal your time line and force you to live a moment out in time creating an energy for which they can feed.  They themselves cannot be observed moving and so can only move when they are not being observed by another.  As a character it prays on all those moments when you know you are alone but are fearful or feel like you are being watched – that is where there real power comes from.


With the in-laws being witches, guardians and zombies.  The afternoon was entirely pleasant before we headed off home to watch Merlin and curl up with a mug of Coco in front of the television.

And now the preparation starts for my birthday in 2 weeks woo hoo…. party time