Earlier on today I asked what people’s’ secret Ambition, vice, guilty pleasure was.  Me its writing.  If I could do anything in the world it would be, be a dive instructor during the day and a writer at night or if not then diving during the day and come home to see what my partner had written during the day.

Both of us are creative in different ways.  He has a knack with artistry that I lack, but his use of words are exemplary too and he is currently working on his first novel.  Me I have several drafted ideas and plot lines but nothing without any great consequence or substance to them.  However saying that some are over 5k in length at the moment.  Although in the grand scheme of things this is nowhere near to a required novel length.  Most of those drafts are free flow and no editing included.  So lots of work to do.  I guess this leads onto the notion of what I am currently doing.  Which is trying to draft out and edit my poetry work for e-publication which will be called Secrets, Dreams and Fears.  I wide array of poems occurring at different times and reflecting different moods and ambience.  Included in this collection is the poem which was used on my wedding day.
A copy of which is replicated below


From early sun

To late full moon

From early dew

To twinkling stars

From budding flower

To full-grown tree

Our love will grow indefinitely

Like the bow after the rain

The clear sky preceding the storm

You light my way

And give me hope

My strength, My rock

My guiding light

Our love will grow indefinitely

From there to now

A golden light

A burning ring

A solid stance

A growing flame

A tender glance

Our love will grow indefinitely

You take my hand

You guide the way

You show your love

You hide your hurt

Your anger fuels

Your desires burn

And all for our love

To grow indefinitely


Something simply and at least has had some basic editing already carried out in it

I hope you enjoy and some of the emotions resonate with you

Secret Ambition

Guilty Pleasure