Not a term I would normally use to describe how I feel about job hunting and the like.  However at my third attempt to write today’s blog I am hoping this will prove my inspirational than my other attempts.  It turns out that sleeping in and turning your mobile to silent is not a good thing when you go to bed or sleep these days.  For the first time in I don’t know how long I slept past 0800 GMT on my natural sleep pattern.  Although a blessing I woke with my eyes feeling heavy and dreary and panicked when I saw my clock say 1030.  Normally I would have been up drank at least two cups of tea and been 1/4 of the way through my job searches but not today.  Looking at my mobile I noticed several missed calls, voice mails, infinite emails and texts to deal with too.  Today was not boding well on calmness fronts.

So I started with the obvious missed calls and voice mails which turned into lengthy conversations about a potential job role so woo hoo a nice start to the day.  So it continues since then the phone has done nothing but ring off the hook with headhunters calls, calls from agencies where I have applied for jobs for and then some interesting twists on existing roles.

To add to my feeling of panic I suddenly realized that I still have to prep for a telephone interview that I have tomorrow, and for a big interview on Monday too and I just felt to be honest a little over whelmed and fatigued by everything that was going on.

So why the title to this blog, well all day now all I have had the tune to this song The love kick starts again, from Example running through my head with me on an empty dance floor and a single spot light focused on me doing some random dance to this song.  Welcome to my world.  The world inside my head can often be a place of restful composure and relaxation but today I seem to be literally dancing myself stupid.

However for me now it is time to re-start my love kick of job hunting once more, so enjoy the rest of your day and I will catch you later