Last night my night resembled an episode of one of my favourite series’ of all times.  For those who have not worked this out from the title of my article.  The series would be Friends.

Two night ago our fire alarm saved our lives.  We had lit some fragrant candles, but were not aware how low they were and one managed to catch light.  Thankfully they were contained into a small bowl for holding which contained the flames and the fire was extinguished with no external damage.  All was well.  We thanked our smoke alarm for doing its job and then wondered why I seemed to attract fire wherever I seemed to go.  I mention this as in the last place my partner lived, I was cooking and the pan got too hot and burst into flames.  I turned the ring off smothered a tea-towel in cold water and draped it over the flames quenching them.  No lasting damage.  I think his landlord was always slightly relieved – being a fire fighter and all.  Being called out to your own house being on fire would not be something I would want to be present at. However, no there was no uncertain fire or consequence of such nature last night.  The fire alarm would not shut up.

Both my partner and I were up most of the night trying to get it to shut up.  Initially thinking it was the battery we went to remove it, only to discover that it was mains operated not battery operated.  He then removed it from the mains connection and it still beeped, beep beep.  Is what we heard.  We then got up again and found a battery source and removed that.  It still went beep, beep , beep.  By 0530 this morning we are both tired, drained and not looking forward to the day ahead.

This then reminded me of the above episode from Friends, when Phoebe is eventually allowed to move back into her flat after it burning down but her fire alarm, wont turn off and is constantly beeping.  She hits the stop button, removes the battery, disconnects all sections of the alarm so they are no longer connected to each other but still it beeps.  In frustration she wraps it in a blanket and throws it down the ‘garbage shoot’.  Only to be woken by fire man asking if the blanket is her and warning of her breaking the law by removing her smoke alarm.  She then says fine sulkily before asking how to stop the bleeping.  Hit the re-set button comes the answer.  Thanks.  She hunts out the re-set button hits it.  All is quiet for a few moments before it starts beeping again.

The irony is, I asked my other half this morning did he find the re-set button and hit it.  What re-set button?  I think there may be a re-set button somewhere.  One trick still to try.  Although at the moment, all seems peacefully quiet and the absence of the beeping is suddenly now disconcerting.  I guess it is that whole story you  do not really know how noisy a place is until a noise that has always been there stops.

When he comes home from work this evening we will try to fix it, until then it can sit disconnected and I just wont light any candles, cook any food or use any matches

Have a good day