However I am not sure I can rest and take my eye of things that need to be done

I still need to prepare for my interview on Monday, why have I not done this yet?  Well I had another interview to prepare for this afternoon, had several conversations with agents concerning other roles and done my normal job hunting on top as well.  With the lack of sleep as noted by my earlier post today ‘The one where they don’t sleep all night‘.  I can only say that I am feeling somewhat drained.

Having also committed myself to a girlie night on Saturday I think Sunday will be time for Hubby and I to spend together.  We may even open a bottle of wine tonight, stick on a DVD and chill.  It has been a while since we have not really had time to spend with each other.

We are very much used to having some concentrated time with each other regardless of how busy our week has been.  This week has thrown us both into complete dis-array with the lack of time we have had.  Partially because of how busy I have been on the job fronts, with conversations and interviews, but also because he has been busy on his own individual projects and tasks.

I was hoping at some point today to be able to do some more work on my poetry that I have been working on.  However has of yet this has not materialised, I think I may have to set my task to  complete my editing by the end of November, rather than starting another project for NANOWRIMO.  Not entirely the object of the month but it will force me to do some work each day on it, if nothing else.  Then if I manage to finalize it, then start work on the intended project and deadlines and see how far I can manifest the story through.

The premise for the Jellied man is as follows

A man tries to keep both his marriage and his business together after his partner disappears and his wife has an affair.  Can his business, marriage and himself, come away from this unscathed? or will he lose everything in the process?


The man his wife had an affair with was his business partner

The business partner is not entirely human

The opening paragraph

James sat at his kitchen table reading the morning newspapers.  His glass of freshly squeezed juice sat next to him.  Baby Thomas was sat in his high chair playing with his toast.  J. , James’ wife, supplied a fresh round of toast to the table along with a freshly brewed cafetière and went back to making the tradition Monday morning breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, with a Benedict sauce.

“How did you sleep?” asked James

“Well, all things considered.  I just find the bed a little large for ….” James looked up from the paper and frowned, which stopped her mid-sentence.  Her demeanour and position sagged as she continued to prepare the breakfast.  The mood of the morning now darkened. James ignored the change of posture in his wife’s stature and returned to his newspaper has if nothing had passed between them.  He continued to turn the pages of the newspaper, in a very nonchalantly manner of those early in the morning, scanning for some interesting tit-bit but not really focussing on what was there in front of him.

James suddenly jumped up from the breakfast table in a state of mild panic and unruly excitement for this time of the morning.  “I’ve got to go”, he said curtly to J as he kissed Thomas tenderly on the forehead.

“What’s up?”

“Page 26” was his only response, before gathering together the paper, and those scattered around the table. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and took the slice of un-buttered toast from his breakfast plate, before slamming the front door firmly shut behind him and making his way in the office.


Feedback on what you think would be appreciated


Have a good weekend and images of girls on the toon will appear shortly