Todays Daily Prompt, requires an instinctual reaction to what you are feeling by the time you finished reading the daily inspiration inscription given.  However that very exact moment when you need to be at your most effective you cannot be.  Hence my chosen word was effective.  The image supplied is below

Daily Prompt

What is effective

The image for me conjures up a variety of ideals that without effective leadership there can be only chaos.  Can effectiveness truly result in a defining leader?  However it also resonates the ideas of with an effective vision there will be action and if you don’t have the effectiveness or the vision than that vision remains inactive and is purely a dream.  The notion of the man representing the dream in this pyramid reminds me of the image of the fool on classic tarot walking with apparent unawareness into danger?  Or is it more a case of blind faith and fool hardiness?

However the lower end of this pyramid is the nightmare, but is that planned as the man at the top had the forethought and vision to wait, plan and then climb to the top whilst everyone else scrabbled around at the bottom

Very much like my current situation I need to be effective to get ahead.  I need to plan, I need to Visualise and I need to have self belief in my dreams and my vision of succeeding.  But none of these will be of any use unless I am effective in my marketing and presentation.

So whilst others continue to flounder and feel lost in this current climate of greyness and desperation I hope to be able to paint a bright blue sky of optimism and efficiency that will show regardless of what is happening that with effective planning, forethought, insight, determination, and confidence anything can and will be achieved.

In that I say follow your dreams, but be effective in your planning of achieving them, otherwise you may find yourself floundering around in the world of anarchy and denial.