After the business of yesterday, with interviews and catching up of a weekend of no job hunting.  My body has finally hit melt down stage.  Full of cold a woolly head it is time to say stay at home curled up with my mug in a hug, which in this instance is a great big pooh bear mug full of hot honeyed tea.

As a result of feeling like I have 10 people standing on my chest I have made the decision to cancel birthday celebrations until I am less bleurgh and more woo hoo. However still smiling through the day I have already had two telephone conversations about potential jobs.  My interview confirmation and lay out for Mondays role was received yesterday evening and so the planning of what to do here will soon take place.  Another reason for the weekend cancellation I can’t afford to go to Mondays interview ill –  no no no.

Getting him yesterday and finding it hard to concentrate on the screen was the first sign I was starting to be ill.  As my partner commenced today, I can tell your ill, your lips are chapped and your paler than usual. For me this is quite impressive.  What he really means is that I lack colour in my cheeks, which usually have a somewhat rosy complexion to them regardless of being weather-beaten or not.

The celebrations for the weekend are frustrating as I was really looking forward to the ice bar but then health or party.  Health now has to come first, I am no longer a spring chicken, and I cannot bounce back from things like I once used to.  However I have always had a weakened immune system, there appears to be no reason for it, but I remember always having colds as a child.  Eventually I was diagnosed with Asthma which probably did not help.  Since then though I have always made sure I have eaten properly and had lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to boost my natural system.  I try not to take additional vitamins and minerals for no reason other than I have never liked taking artificial enhancements of any description.  I would always prefer to use what mother nature gave us to heal than manufactured goods.  Hence why I am currently on honeyed tea and lemon.  I have found this more effective usually than antibiotics or putting additional vitamins into my body.

So I am sat curled up a duvet wrapped around me, a mug of tea and trying to focus on the job searches in front of me, before attending the job centre tomorrow oh what fun that will be not
Hope people are feeling slightly more human than myself  if not maybe below will help with the humanization