The temperature remains decidedly chilly here although not quite freezing as far as my body is concerned it may well be.  I was not looking forward having to journey into Staines to go to do my annual bi-weekly sign on.  Printing out my spreadsheet of applications which totalled a miserly 2.5 pages this week I ran out of coloured ink.  Another budget to tack onto this months expenses oh what fun.  However I wrapped myself up in 4 layers of clothing before embarking outside.  A slight overkill but since I always joke about having no blood for me  I managed to keep my body temperature at some where, were I was not noticing the cold.  I often wonder how I survived the winter in Switzerland but then I guess that is the adaptive nature of humans.  We do survive.  Or at least the fittest do.

Anyway on my trek into the centre I got a phone call to say that I had been unsuccessful in my interview with Fujitsu.  Am I disappointed?  Yes.  Why  ? Because I let myself down.  I know going into the interview I did not feel prepared and that showed with a couple of questions which resulted in rabbit in headlight moments.  Along with OMG, I can’t think and fumble fumble fumble.  Never a good one to do.  However despite those two questions tripping me up.  The feedback was very good and it was those two illicit questions which stopped my application.

Question is what did I learn?  Be Prepared.  Prepare fully for the interview and make sure you look at all the options.  Breathe when there and do not panic if you can’t think of an immediate answer.  YOU don’t have to answer straight away.

So anyway I had a surprise conversation with the job centre who suggested a couple of good books to read on killer interview questions and handling nerves.  In return I offered my services to help with people who struggle with interviews and marketing themselves.  I know I am not a shining example as I am not working but I am having conversations and getting interviews and that is half of the battle.

In fact I have always held the belief that usual if I get to interview stage I can usual manage to get the job or if I fail it is because of the above or someone else just had a bit more experience than what I can compete with.  It is very rarely that I have interviews where I am not successful or don’t get through to final rounds.

For me it is now time to get back to the drawing board as tomorrow is a full day of preparation for my interview on Monday. So wish me luck and I will catch up with every one later.