Well Halloween has been and gone and today is All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, depending on how you want to reflect on it.  For me it is November which means a couple of things.  My life goes into or what feels like manic overdrive why:

  1. It is my birthday in 2 days time
  2. It is 5 days until Halo 4 Is released yeah geek out time
  3. There are 54 days to christmas yeah big grins, which means there are 30 days until Lottie and Tim put up the tree and Lottie and I ignite his christmas spirit – not literally of course but maybe it would be fun to do to ….. mischievous grin
  4. There are 22 days until it will be 4 years to the day I lost my  mum it was also the day that my local hockey team won their first game that season, which led to promotion
  5. Bonfire Night- Guy Fawkes Night
  6. It’s Remembrance Sunday -Poppy appeal – go show your support for our troops, past, present and future
  7. I am going to find a job by the end of the month – positive thinking
  8. I already have several interviews lined up this month – it is going to be manic
  9. I have promised to finish editing my book of poems
  10. Its Nanowrimo month

So I have now committed myself to one of the two big events going on in November.  If people don’t know the second it is called Movember, where men grow moustaches in support of testicular cancer, many earning sponsorship for doing so.  A truly worthy cause.  A condition my family has been inflicted with twice, once with my own father and once with my uncle and in this instance, my father is still here, my uncle last his fight last year.  What was the difference, one was caught earlier enough the other there was complexions due to existing health issues of diabetes which affected the working medication of the drugs.

However I am not going to dwell on this dreary and morbid part of the month but focus on the positives.  This month I have set myself a target of writing 50,000 and finish editing a book of poems which is 42 pages long, maybe longer if I add additional to them.  In addition to carrying out my usual load of job applications and preparation for interviews.

OMG – I think I must be mental or something…..

For those who know me no comment is needed for the above statement 😎

Right with all those tasks in hand. I guess I should place a temporary pause in my scribblings here and continue with my other scribblings of job hunting

Where am I?

Where am I?

When I look at you,

Your gaze transforms me into another you.

We are not in our flat.

We are not by the sea.

As far as I can see it is only you and me.

And we are walking side by side

My feet are not there,

I am not touching the ground,

I am gliding above it cushioned on air.

You’ve taken me over.

So I am no longer there.

You have possessed me.

Do you agree?

The glint in your eyes tells me this love is for real.

The curl of your lips,

That breaks into a smile.

The joy that you bring,

Is not known to me.

I fear for the future,

But I am enjoying the present.

I look forward to tomorrow, and seeing you there.