Well I had inked into my diary that today was solely to carry out my necessary job hunts and do the research needed for my interview on Monday.  So far nothing has happened in either of these directions.  Why?  I had a phone call last night from an agent needing for me to go into meet with them about a particularly interesting procurement management role, which had popped up on Twitter yesterday afternoon.  Not expecting to get feedback let alone an initial meet, all plans for today went out of the window.  The meeting was scheduled for 11am, which meant that my morning was now gone, but it was for a productive cause?  Right?  Another opportunity. another chance of securing a new role.  As it happened it was not an opportunity wasted, as not only does the role sound great, but I also already know somebody who works there in the Staines office, so all information and data in putted into the recruitment agents head and it is now all guns blazing  and fingers crossed.   However because I have an hours plus travelling each way to get into the city and back out again, it meant that I was not back home until nearly 2pm.

Despite all this, I opted to put this travelling to some good use.  On the way into the city, I managed to write 10 pages of my NANOWRIMO, helping me to complete yesterdays target and needing only another  1500 today to reach today’s target.  With the advantage that at the moment the story has its own momentum it seems to be carrying things forward under its own esteem, which is always a blessing and help keep things moving along nicely for now at least. However there is still something rather disconcerting, when you look at the NANOWRIMO projected completion date and it gives you a date of January 2013.  This too is a great incentive, especially if you’re competitive like me and you don’t do failing very well.  However to be honest my main target is to get past the 6000 mark which is what I managed last year.  Not a particularly valiant effort even I have to admit that.  Unfortunately the writing stopped there and the story is still sat in ideas mode without much more in the way of progression or way forwards.

I am now frantically trying to pull together all emails and complete today’s job hunting, so I can do the original task of the day which is to prepare for Monday, and so on that note I guess I should really remove myself for WP and move back to the emails and tasks in hand

Have a fizzing Friday everyone and see you all next week