Maidment Towers is what hubby and I call our home as it is on the second floor of a block of flats and it is where, we the Maidments live.  No Sandy has not officially hit our block of flats, but the last few days have felt something like a whirlwind/ hurricane and my stress levels have been severely heightened to a level I have not seen since doing presentations at University.  With three interviews over three days and possible another two this week also, my head is start to spin a little.  The first of the interviews was this morning.  It was the one I most want and hence the one I was most nervous over.  The chance to work for a company I have craved to work for since leaving University some 15 years ago and now potentially have the chance was nerve-racking.  I think the whole process went generally well and nothing fazed me too much.

I am hoping my energy and enthusiasm counter-balanced my meagre 2 years of procurement and vendor management experience.  Backing this up with a law degree, working across countries and time zones and having exposure to high strategy accounts, it is now a waiting game. Results pending are the end of this week early next.

On the other side of the coin I have another meeting with an agent for public sector company within their procurement and asset management team.  With a conversation just held with an agent with a pending telephone interview in the next 48 hours and a face to face at the end of the week for Publicist.  Publicist is the parent company to companies like Saatchi and Saatchi for example.  A company I had tried many times for in the past to be able to get interviews with but to no avail.  Now 15 years later everything seems to be falling into place.

Tomorrow I am aiming to be less stressful, as Halo 4 arrives so when I arrive home from tomorrows meeting all I want to do is sit and blow up aliens for a few hours on the X-Box.  Hopefully the goods are delivered before my partner has to go to work in the afternoon.  I  also have to try to get some more NANO done.  I managed to write another 4 pages on the train journey into Canary Wharf and back today.  I would have liked to have written more, but was constantly interrupted by people wanting to have conversations with me.  Usually questioning what I was studying and then when I mentioned NANO, watching the confusion ensue, so having to explain the process and what it is to them.

Then for the second time in two weeks I was asked if I was Welsh?  Anyone who knows me, will know that I am definitely not Welsh so this had made me giggle.

Anyway I am going to stop my waffle, and try to complete my job hunting for the day type up today’s notes and collapse into a small heap into my husbands’ arms for schleep at some point in an attempt to catch my breath

Good night all