Well I had intended to go away and do some writing this afternoon.  The frustrating thing is, I know what I want to write, but writing it on paper seems forced and contrived some how.  It seems to be lacking the ease and the fluidity of the earlier 3.5k words that I have written and so now I am writing and scratching things out and trying to write the next sentence 5 times now without any success.

45 minutes later the last part of this section is now complete- almost.  But at least the sentence flows more naturally than the other previous efforts.

Thank you Word Press for giving me a less detailed distraction to allow me to complete my struggling sentence structure and so the story continues


The sentence which caused me so many problems is:


James then reached over to pick up the second frame that had fallen onto his desk.  As his thumb slipped under the front of the frame where the glass covering was, it caught itself against something sharp. The frame was hardly  up from the surface at a forty five degree angle  before he re-dropped it with the shock of the intrusion.
Not a difficult few sentences but a lot of pain has been caused by it ….