Today has been the first day in which I have had a chance to sit and catch up with all me old emails from job hunts as, the last few days have been so full on with interviews and meetings.  Yesterday I ended up writing off, not because my HALO 4 had turned up but because I was starting to hit burn out stage of the job hunting process.  I could I tell.  I turned into a complete Bitch.  Being short with my partner for no reason what so ever, bursting into floods of tears and just wanting to cry.

I think the stress levels of not working, and wanting to work, being turned down for jobs when there are things I cannot control, was just taking its immeasurable toll on me.  So what did I do to fix the problem, not a lot.  I eventually sat down at about 1600 GMT time to blow up some aliens, and considering the game had been here for some time since 1000 that morning – I was impressed with myself.  Part of this was though as a result of having to have a meeting with an agent regarding another potential role that afternoon.  One of the things I did not want to happen was to get engrossed in the game and miss the meeting.  So I stayed working through applications, with tears down my face at certain points, until I had to wipe off my tears, paint on the smile and make the drive to Slough for the agreed meeting.

On the positive side of things though the meeting went well, I should hear if I have an interview within the next  72 hours so that is good news.  I should also hear in that time scale if I have a job with one of the biggest media moguls too, so all fingers and toes are crossed at the moment.  Nonetheless today has at times been slow and other times a blur.  I have just had to complete my first video interview which was surreal to say the least, especially since I had to borrow hubby’s laptop as my desktop does not have a web cam or microphone attached to it.  Despite that it was fun, even if a little nerve-racking as there was no real interaction and there was no body language to feed off since the companies questions were pre-recorded for reflection purposes.  I actually felt more on edge with that than a real face to face interview.  I guess time will tell if I have been successful here or not.

On the other side of things I also have a telephone interview with a subsidiary of BAE tomorrow which should be interesting and fun to say the least, I am currently just awaiting on the confirmation of the time so I can then take the details and preparation for it.

However now most things are done I want to sit and try to catch up on some Nanowrimo, since I have had no time in the last 24 hours to do any of it at all, and I am falling further and further behind in the word count which is not good.  Today I should be aiming for the 12k mark, currently I am still sat at the 3k mark.  Lots of work to make up then 9k in total.  When I think of things in that capacity it scares me of how far behind I have fallen, but I know I can do it.  At worst case scenario this weekend just becomes a full on writing fest in the house to get tasks and missions done.  Wish me luck on all fronts and I will try to write more later

Have a fun evening everyone