Today I am de-focussed, have a real sense of a lack of interest and really cannot be bothered day.

I have completed my job searching for the day, and even do some external searches on sites I don’t usually use.  The results were only slightly productive in that a role for a company I would love to work for turned up.  Although the position is below my current level and capacity, I am taking it as a way into the company and then work up.  Hopefully the salary wont be so low that it is untenable.  However, I have also had to prepare for yet another telephone interview today for a temp to permanent role, with life starting as a FTC (Fixed Term Contract).  A notion which does not fill me with joy but if it puts coffers in the bank who am I to complain is the honest answer.

At the moment, my mind feels a jumbled mess and is thinking of so much and yet I don’t know where to start, and so to help with that my get up and go is decided to sleek itself into a tiny recess until it has decided it is safe to come back out and play again.  Hruummmph not great but it just means trying to find the very element of getting myself going is proving more difficult than usual.  I also feel like I am starting to lose focus on what I want to achieve, and am going through the motions without actually achieving anything of any real consequence at the moment.  So if anyone has any ideas on how to re-instigate the focus and desire, feedback would be helpful.

I am kinda feeling a little bit lost in the world at the moment as if someone has taken down all my signposts and I am supposed to find the way by my memory.  As fun as that is, at the moment some signposts would be good I think just at the moment, to help confirm that I am on the right track.  Don’t want to be wandering down some dark dingy alleyway when I don’t have to… if you get my meaning.  However on the other side of things I thought I would update my PIN Interest site and update with some pictures that I wanted to upload.  There were a few there that I had totally forgotten about and also reminded me how beautiful some things are.



No that is not a swimming pool with fish in it, that is how blue the water is in Fethiye in Turkey.  It made me smile and remember how cool it was compared to how hot it was outside.  I just loved the reflections of the sub, the images of the fish swimming about, along with the gentle ripples of the water.  This is one of my favourite pictures from that holiday in Turkey.  It is also the place I fell in love with Scuba Diving.  The image above is also the place where I dived for the first time, doing a try dive and also getting seriously hooked on the sport.

Try Dive

3M. down 1st dive ever


The whole experience was just out of this world.  Right I must go, my telephone interviewer is now 11 minutes late….. not impressed.  If there has been no call within the hour I will be speaking to the recruitment agent about this !!!!!

Enjoy your day and any suggestions for getting my MOJO back would be appreciative