Well today has started off as manic as last week ended.  I had an interview first thing this morning, with London Business School   as a member of their procurement team. With plans to do the hoovering, the putting away of clothes and ironing, when I get back – what a charmed and party life I lead.  However, no life had decided that was not going to be the case at all.  On the walk from the station to finding the building for my interview. I over-stretched my leg and twinged my back again.  This made walking sore to say the least.

To top it of I could not change back into trainers just yet so had to hobble about on the heels until after the interview.  Saying this though, the interview went well, but I suspect from conversations that I have been having with the relevant parties that it may be some time before feedback is forth coming as their HR department is at half its normal strength at the moment, which is not a good state to be in.  Nonetheless it was a productive interview day and it is now fingers crossed sit and wait.  However I have come home, which meant arriving at my desk a little over 90 minutes ago give or take to pick up the reigns for this week.  The first of these battles is starting to source out the weekend emails.  Chase up old job conversations and agents and see what is about and happening, along with trying not to do any more damage to the back.

The weekend itself was actually quite nice.  Saturday I had to go collect some gifts from last weeks pottery painting session, and to be honest, they have turned out far nicer and better than I had anticipated which is always good.  This then leant to us going to visit my brother-in-law who lived around the corner and his wife and son.  A lovely afternoon was had with them, despite nursing a horrible headache, which upon the return journey turned nasty and resulted in me being in bed by  1800 GMT to sleep it off.

Sunday then was more relaxed and chilled, we caught up on some missed TV, played Halo 4 online and completed some challenges before zoning out prior to this mornings’ madness.

The plan therefore to focus on NANO went out of the window as you can see from the above.  However the positives with the ride in on the train, I did manage to write-up about 7 pages of ideas, and had to stop as a result of arriving at my station.  So hopefully I will get to write some more later and type it all up in the next day or too, and then I can say I have broken the 10k mark – I should be so lucky.  I am so far behind it is silly but I am going to keep going and see what happens.  However it does look like I will brake last years total- which is something at least.
Anyway I hope you all continue to enjoy your Mondays’ and it is far more restful than mine is turning out to be and I will be returning shortly.  When I am not sure but it will be happening, I assure you.