Today’s daily prompt be the change is interesting.  It gets you thinking about what you are trying to achieve when you write, what you would like to change as a result of your writing.  Can you actually change anything with words on paper.  My answer to all of that would be yes.  The notion of the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword holds true and sway in so many ways.  A pen can change someone’s life, from married to divorced, from alive to dead, it can make a previously legal act illegal by the stroke of a pen. Yes the sword can be life changing too, but usually in more dramatic and instantaneous ways.  Perhaps that is me being dreamy and naive but then if the pen were not mightier than the sword would we say Amnesty International had any real political sway or alliance, would public rallies hold any real benefit to the change of society, why signing petitions if they were useless?

However I digress from the real idea and notion behind my  idea of being the change.  My change can be  divided into many categories but the all come under one banner.  That is to be a better person, to be more self-aware.  This does not mean becoming self-obsessed and selfish but reflecting on your own action or inaction and being aware of the consequences that these can have on other people.  How your own behaviour may affect others.  That although a smile may be portrayed the words may offer something else, a darker a more painful side that is reaching out for a friend.  I would like to think that my blog can offer hope and support to those who need it, but can be a source of following your dreams.

My writing is not the most eloquent at times and can often be rambling  and aimless in its measure but its me.  It is a consequence of who I am and I take ownership of that .  If I can get people to acknowledge this side of them, took the ownership, prevent the passive aggressive and be honest then the world will start to grow into something  stronger more allied with each other than the current scenario of he said she said

If my meagre pen and wanderings can help achieve that then I will be a happy bunny to know I have made some small difference to mankind.