This blog is dedicated to the Googler who typed the title of this blog into the search engine and found me.  Until now I have not commenced on any of my many failings in any of the Halo games.  However. since this has been a search engine request, let me engage the pleasure of my readers with a few small failings.  Apologies up front for having no images to currently to insert into this article.  I will however up date, once I download some of the

Server Failure

The servers were down and so playing on-line multi-players, although I managed a couple of double kills, none were recorded, meaning that in the recent achievement for double kills, my early ones did not count, and I have only recently managed to get my sum total back up to 1 since that day.  Pathetic I know.

Spawn failure

There are so many, however I am only going to choose a few.  This is from a friends catalogue, who re-spawned onto a point where the ground had already given way, and so died instantly through a supposed suicide.

From my side of the things, out of the Spartan Ops training sessions, week one, chapter 1.1.  Our Warthog got span, and landed on top of me.  For a change this did not kill me – although I was dis-orientated by the experience as one would be.  The warthog then blew up with me still underneath it.  My Spawn point, inside the hillside next to it.  Unfortunately, this meant when my partner died he also spawned inside the mountain and a total re-load of the chapter was needed not good.

Other re-spawn failures have been when I had died, re-spawned in the line of fire, re-appeared and then died instantly as I was snipered out by a Plasma gun – no fun.  Boo and Hiss I think was my active response to this one.

General Failings

Again they have been many from all the Halo Games but I am focussing on 4 and will choose some of the more entertaining ones.

Lets start with my friend who spawned into an empty spot.  On Sunday whilst playing we were having a general conversation about our multiple and interesting failings within the game, at which point, whilst playing a missing on heroic with Thunderstruck skull loaded – for an achievement, we walked into a lift.  The lift door however, choose to come down on our friends head, throwing a lifeless and dead body in with us.  Whoops.  We decided there and then he had the award of most unusual ways to die.  It has kept me giggling ever since – Thanks Neil.

However, other failings that have occurred.  Whilst playing yet again Spartan Ops and chapter 1.1 we were taking out the last batch of Elites and grunts at the top of the hill, me in a ghost, my partner on foot.  As we took out the last one we celebrated, I did a spin in the ghost, unfortunately my partner got too close to the ghost and I accidentally killed him…. whoops.

Other fails in the campaign, where in Requiem at the stage after escaping the ship and going through the countryside.  I had opted to use a wart hog for ease of convenience.  It seemed a great idea at the time, especially with the grunts about.  However as my husband said, cooking food and trying to watch my run them over has never proved so hilariously funny in a long time.  Glad to say this is not a reflection of my true driving skills, which are much better, i.e. I hit whatever I mean to when driving – only joking.

Near Misses

There have probably been several, but the most obvious again, refers back to playing on Sunday with friends.  We had just climbed up the lift shaft.  The door closed and you guessed it – Mr I die in the most unusual places was left outside.  He shot the door out of frustration, this allowed him in – somehow – but the bullet travelled through the closed-door and hit me.  With then the noise of my shields failing – Thanks for that.  This then resulted in the conversation noted above about how we die in the most peculiar of deaths in this game.

Hope you have enjoyed my current failings.  I will try to get some images up shortly to go with this blog.  Until then read and enjoy.  I am sure there will be more to follow shortly