You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

Here is what mine will be.  Written in future at an un-prescribed date in 2035


Today will be the last time I shall be able to sit at my computer as a free person of this world.  My human body is being taken from me for scientific research.  As you all know over the last 10 years since 2025 a study began to find the new evolved side of our species.  It would appear that I have the gene.  I would like to run, but I see no point, as my husband was taken from me last year as a result of his long battle with diabetes and its after effects, his body gave up the fight.  For which I am relieved as I am fearful of what would happen if he were here.  We both knew we were not truly of this world, and our sensitive natures often led us down dark alleys for which we both were not always sure we would return.

However we remained strong for each other.  I pray that you all continue to have a long and prosperous life and that this research I am about to embark on proves fruitful and will give others a way of life that has been missing for many of us, for many a year.  The impending disaster of the radiation leak has left a world destroyed and lives in misery.  Yet all I can think off, is that I am hoping to make the change that I have craved all my life.

I have felt like I have let many people down, that my strength although helpful in times of crises was not reciprocated in times of joy, when concerns were raised.  My failings are my own and I will take them with you.  I hope that for any where my light has poured positively into your lives that it will continue to glow in times of need and know that you only need to think of me for me to be there.  Providing guidance, support and love at all times.

I can hear footsteps approaching my warren and I feel sick.  I don’t want to go .  My strength has failed me and for the first time ever I am truly afraid.  I want to run.  I must run.  I hear the stories and I can’t go there, as I will not return to this world which I love so much.  There knocking is more insistent now.  The pounding echoes around my tiny room as I search for a way out.  I know to go will surely mean death and I am not ready to go.  I have bigger things to do yet.  My live is not yet through.  The door has been splintered and now it is time to go.

I wish you all well and see you soon.

The wardens arrive at my desk as I lay there slumped over the keyboard, with a pool of blood trailing to the floor.  There is a gun in my left hand.  I hear the wardens say that they are in trouble and that maybe they should take a stranger from another warren I slump to the ground preventing their movement, knowing that they should take me and that is what they do.  They bag me up and throw me over their shoulder  and march out to their van to take me to their lab for dis-section and investigation.

Above their van is a bright globule of light, I smile now.  I know I have had the last laugh and now I can move on.  I am sorry I was scared.  I am sorry I could not save humanity.  I was afraid but I am not any more.