Today daily prompt is what is a live well lived to you?

Everyone has different values, different expectations and different requirements of what they want, need and expect out of life.  Some of the things I expect are idealistic and part of my dreamer, younger self, who has never let herself give up on reaching for the moon, the stars and beyond.  Part of that comes from the ideals instilled in me as a child, please see my earlier blog on things my mother taught me.  However, one thing I have always stressed and sometimes joked about is die young and leave a beautiful corpse  – not something I truly advocate, but part of staying young, is living life to the full, seizing every moment and not being afraid to live. as a consequence of this, in a recent conversation with a friend I said I want to go sliding into my coffin sideways squealing with joy and going that was fun, when can I do it again.

For me a successful life, is having life experiences, living life, not giving up on your dreams, at half way through my working life, I have only just found what I want to do, and start working on a defined career, however getting here, I have worked abroad, worked within IT, Finance, Sales, Administration.  Yes there have been bumps in the road, and life has not been plain sailing, but it is what you take away from those bumps which determines your character and you can look back and say I have had a good life and it was successful

There are times when I have fumbled and not had a clue what I was doing, but at this present moment in time, I can say I have experienced things that I never thought I would, I am recently married, I am about to embark upon an amazing career, and start for the first time in my life feeling settled and content.  For me this is success, looking and feeling happy with what I have, what I have achieved and where I am.

Fingers crossed when the time comes I can go sliding in screaming woo hoo that was fun when do we do it again?  Although in all honesty not sure if I want to I am feeling pretty exhausted